Kuroko No Basket: Anime

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here and today I’m going to be reviewing the anime Kuroko No Basket. You guys might be wondering “why aren’t you reviewing TV shows and movies?”. Well I have to say, for me, it is easier to review animes. It takes longer for me to review TV Shows and movies and I don’t have the time to sit down and think for that long. But, I promise that soon I will be reviewing TV Shows and movies soon! So let’s begin the review!



This sport, comedy-drama was written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. It originated from the Japanese Manga “Kuroko’s Basketball”.

No. of episodes: 75

No. of seasons: 3

Main Characters:

  • Seijuro Akashi
  • Shintaro Midorima
  • Tetsuya Kuroko
  • Taiga Kagami
  • Atsushi Murasakibara
  • Daiki Aomine
  • Ryota Kise
  • Teppei Kiyoshi
  • Junpei Hyuga
  • Riko Aida



A.K.A. “The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays”, the story travels around Tetsuya Kuroko, a 16 year old boy who loves to play basketball. He used to play for the ‘Generation of Miracles'(GOM) in middle school, the strongest team in the entire Tokyo. Kuroko was also known for his name ‘The Phantom 6th Man’ as he used to play as the 6th seat on the team and he was known for his lack of presence on the court. After middle school finishes all the members of the GOM parted ways and went to different high schools to see who would turn out to be the best. Kuroko joins a school called Seirin where he join the school team and meets all of his new team members. Including his best friend, Taiga Kagami. He was the ace and power forward of the Seirin team. He considered himself the light and Kuroko his shadow in the team. Together they were nearly undefeatable. But using the whole team to their advantage, Kagami is able to unlock new levels of his skills which they call ‘zone’, which is when the the player is completely focused and his passion and love for basketball drives them the desire to win! Together, the team joins the ‘Inter-Hugh’ and the ‘Winter Cup’ and challenges the rest of the schools to reach the top!


I was honestly not a fan of basketball. But, after watching this anime I was in love with the sport! The way the anime gets you hyped up and desperate to watch the next episode is out of this world! Honestly my favorite anime. The was basketball is portrayed may seem like all the players have ‘superpowers’ but honestly its just an over exaggeration of their normal skills. The anime revolves around the lives of these players on and off of the court which makes the anime all the more interesting.



I would give this anime a 5/5 stars!


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