Darker than Black: Anime

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a new blog! Ok guys, I need you guys to start writing comments and telling me if I should start reviewing through videos as well as writing. And I’m starting this new thing where I post 1-2 blogs a week cause I’m running out of stuff quick and school is starting so I’m gonna be really busy! So without further a due let us begin the review of then anime ‘Darker than Black’!



This action drama, super natural, series-drama, mystery was written by Tensai Okamura and illustrated by Nokiya. It was made in 2007 (first season).

No. of seasons: 3

No. of episodes: 24 (season 1)

12 (season 2)

4 (season 3)

Main Characters:

Season 1:

  • Hei
  • Yin
  • Huang
  • Mao
  • Misaki Kirihara
  • Amber
  • November 11
  • April
  • July

Season 2:

  • Hei
  • Yin
  • Mao
  • July
  • Tanya
  • Shion Pavlichenko
  • Suou Pavlichenko
  • Mina Hazuki
  • Genma Shizume

Season 3:

  • Hei
  • Yin
  • Claude



Season 1: Ten years ago, an inscrutable and abnormal territory known as Hell’s Gate appeared in Tokyo, altering the sky and wreaking havoc on the landscape. The heavenly bodies disappeared, replaced by false stars. During this time, people who possess various special abilities emerged. Kept secret from the masses, these individuals, known as ‘Contractors’, are able to murder in cold blood. Various nations and organizations around the world use Contractors as spies and assassins, often resulting in violent battles for information. Each fake star has a corresponding Contractor, and they vibrate when their Contractor’s power is being used. As such, Contractors are usually identified by their star. However, they lack human emotions which includes no aversions to murder, and they are regarded as extremely rational and logical in their decision making. Contractors are thus named because of their need to always complete a remuneration or payment each time their power is used. Contractors are described as being psychologically compelled to complete their remunerative task.

Season 2: Hei and Yin are now on the run after betraying the Syndicate in the previous season. Two years have passed since then. After leaving Japan, Hei encounters Suou Pavlichenko, a 13 year old Eurasian girl who becomes embroiled in the war and politics of the various factions and Contractors fighting for power. Meanwhile, Hell’s Gate remains standing in Tokyo, after Hei’s efforts to stop the Saturn Ring anti-Gate particle weapon from activating. Although Contractors are safe from the danger of having their existences erased, this does not prevent new and old Contractors from abusing their power. As Misaki Kirahara and her team in the Public Security Bureau deal with the increasing Contractor cases, she also has to keep the Syndicate at bay, who has major positions in the Japanese police and intelligence bureaus around the world.


Season 3: The story of what happened between Hei and Yin between season 1 and 2.



This anime at first is quite confusing. But, once you start getting the hang of it you realize that it is really good and fun to watch. It is not an easy anime to find if you want good quality. The first and second season are easy to find but the third season is almost impossible (I think you can only find it on gogoanime.tv). Very peculiar and interesting anime. I am thinking of doing the whole detailing season wise now (tell me in the comments how you feel about that). But overall a pretty ‘ok’ anime!



I would give this anime 3/5 stars.


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