WWW.Working: Anime

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. We have tests coming up so I’ve been really busy. I’ll post my 3rd one tomorrow. Hope everyone is ready for the new year celebrations. I sure am! So let us begin the review of this anime “WWW. Working”!


This slice of life, drama, comedy anime was made by Kamakura Yumi and was released in October, 2016.

No. of episodes: 13

Main Characters:

  • Higashida Daisuke
  • Adachi Masahiro
  • Kamakura Shiho
  • Kondou Kisaki
  • Kouno Takuya
  • Miyakoshi Hana
  • Muranushi Sayuri
  • Shindou Yuuta


After Higashida’s father’s company goes bankrupt he is not given an allowance anymore. Also, due to his family’s “always happy” attitude he need to find a way to get out of the house. To earn money he begins to work part-time at a restaurant where he meet all sort of ‘odd’ people with their own odd story to tell. He also encounters new situations changing his outlook of life.


Well lemme just put it this way. This anime was a result of boredom and me going on a crazy anime binge watch. This anime is simple. Light comedy, light drama, light romance. I quite enjoyed the anime. I really liked how they ended it. Nice story. Very well shown. Each character has their own importance in the anime. It’s not like the whole anime revolves around Higashida. There’s not much to say about this anime. I would say a one time watch if you like watching anime’s that don’t really get you too hyped up to see the next episode. An anime that doesn’t have any real action or thrill. Honestly, you aren’t really missing anything if you don’t watch it. Still, worth a chance. Overall good.


I would give this anime 3/5 stars.


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