Beelzebub: Anime

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. SUPER BOWL DAYYY!! Sorry for being a day late. So let us begin the review of this anime ‘Beelzebub’.


This action, comedy anime was written by Ryuhei Tamura and was released in January, 2011.

No. of episodes: 60


  • Oga Tatsumi
  • Beelzebub
  • Furuichi Takayuki
  • Kanzaki Hajime
  • Himekawa Tatsuya
  • Kunieda Aoi
  • Tojo Hidetora
  • Nene Omori
  • Chiaki Tanimura
  • Yuka Hanazawa
  • Ryoko Asuka
  • Shintaro Natsume
  • Saotome Zenjuro
  • Hilda
  • Alaindelon


The story is about a high school delinquent named Oga Tatsumi who mysteriously finds a baby next to a river and he just so happens to come out of a person. When Oga takes this baby home he realizes hat this is the Demon lord’s son himself, Beelzebub and he is accompanied by the demon maid servant, Hilda and the teleporter, Alaindelon. They have been sent there to find a parent suitable for Beelzebub and then eventually destroy humanity. The adventures of Beelzebub and Oga. Only that Oga wants to get rid of Beelzebub.


I’ve been recommended this for like a year now. Really funny anime. When i say really funny I mean REALLY funny. Even when everything is god damn serious they make it funny. The fighting scenes are really awesome. The story is awesome and the characters are amazing. I love the fact that everyone in this anime is a delinquent. Tons of filler episodes are really my only problem with this. There is always something going on in this anime. It’s more of a time pass anime and not something to really drool over. It’ll be amazing to watch with a few friends. I would highly recommend this to others to watch. I mean at least once is a must. It’s a fun anime. Overall pretty awesome.


I would give this anime 3.5/5 stars.

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