Upcoming Anime’s to look forward to!

Hey guys, I know this is a bit different from my usual blogs but I feel that some of the upcoming anime sequels are gonna be LIT and they deserve a slight review recap to look forward to.


First, Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Season 2:0vgG4er.jpg

The first season was really goof. The action, the story, the animation was just awesome! The ending did leave us with enough suspense for an upcoming season 2. Well the wait has finally paid off and we get to see what’s going to happen now. Majority of the people I know couldn’t really wait and read ahead in the manga. In the first season we saw quite a a bit of action and drama and to really make this anime to fanboy/fangirl over you need to amplify that by two times this season. This season was a really awaited one for the last year. A lot of date changes but it’s finally coming out. I am really excited to see what this anime is going to bring and hopefully it will have a better opening than the first season! Something to look forward to!

You can check my review on the first season: Attack On Titan: Anime


Second, Boku No Hero Acadamia (My Hero Academy) Season 2: hqdefault.jpg

The first season was another awesome one. It had a ton of awesome action with its own sense of comedy. The only problem I remember encountering with this anime is the fact that it is super kiddish. It does have an amazing story line, great animation, and did create TOO MUCH suspense for season 2 but the problem is season 1 left the impression that this anime is like any other kids super hero show. But recently I saw the season 2 trailer released by crunchyroll on youtube and I was mindblown! The trailer is meant to enhance the anime so I can’t really say yet but based off the trailer I am super excited to watch season 2. I feel we are up for an amazing new season with some better action, better fights and better story. Can’t wait for season 2.

You can check my review on the first season: Boku No Hero Acadamia: Anime


Lastly, Kuroko No Basket Movie: Last Game:



Honestly, my most awaited anime. Well, technically an Anime movie. But still! This was the first anime I ever saw in my life! It encouraged me to play basketball and the feels this anime gives is just beyond fantastic. It was my favorite anime for a good 2 years before it was replaced by Yuri!!! On Ice: Anime. Truly an amazing anime! I would recommend this anime to all anime fans and all basketball fans and all sports anime fans!! Waiting for a new season was crazy hard. On hearing about the movie I went crazy! I can’t wait for the Generation of Miracles to work with Kagami and see how the games go on! This is a must watch! Honestly if this movie exceeds my expectations then the anime will surpass Yuri!!! On Ice in my list of top 10!

To check out my review of the 3 seasons: Kuroko No Basket: Anime

Well , these are all the anime’s I am looking forward to so far this year! Be sure to check them out cause I’m sure they are gonna be awesome! I’m excited to see what these new sequels bring to us!



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