Boku No Hero Acadamia Season 2 Ep.1: First Impression

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with brand new blog. I know I’ve been doing a lot of anime blogs and a lot of new ones that aren’t really reviews but I though I would mix it up a bit with all the new anime’s coming out and do a first impression on this newly releases anime season. I will be doing one on the new Attack On Titan episode as well and I will do another anime review tomorrow. A lot of new anime reviews and a little less of movies and tv shows. To check out the review of the first season: Boku No Hero Acadamia: Anime. So, let’s begin!


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The episode started us off with a recap of what happened overall in Izuku’s life and basically what happened in the first season. It was pretty similar to what we saw in episode 0. They displayed all his interactions with All Might and how our protagonist really began his journey to becoming a hero. The recap was followed by the introduction of almost EVERYONE we saw in season 1. They showed us all the school heroes in a meeting discussing and they showed all the students in class.

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As the episode progressed more and more of season 2 unraveled and gave us hints of what we should look forward to this season. Firstly, a sports event is gonna take place among all the students which sounds pretty amazing! Secondly, they give us hints as to what the heroes plan to do with the enemies. That pretty much covers up what happened for the majority of the episode.

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Overall, the season looks really promising. It still has that kiddish aspect I talked about in season 1. But based off of the trailer and the first episode I feel that this season will definitely be better than the first one. The sporting event is gonna be awesome! Seeing the heroes play their best is gonna be super hyped up and fun to watch. I didn’t really see the preview for the next episode cause I want to be surprised. The opening is really awesome and according to me better than season 1. The ending is more on the calmer side and really relaxes you after a hyped up episode. This episode was more about the dialogues than the action. My first impression on this season is an amazing one. It’s already left us waiting for more! Can’t wait to see more.



2 thoughts on “Boku No Hero Acadamia Season 2 Ep.1: First Impression

    • reviewit says:

      I was actually really excited to hear about the events. It’s a great way to get people hyped up and is also a great way to leave people in suspense. But if the villains come and attack it will lead to some more quality action!

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