Boruto Ep.1: First Impression

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone had had an amazing week so far. We got a message from school yesterday declaring early summer vacation so I’m hyped! So let’s begin with the first impression of this anime Boruto!

Ok let me tell you guys first, I have not seen Naruto (*begin the hate*). But I do have a friend that has explained everything about Naruto to me. I have seen some of the fight scenes and a bit of the story so I am not completely blank. 


So we enter into the anime with the introduction to our beloved Boruto, Naruto (the new Hokage) as his father. We are introduced to a set of ninja skills that actually seem pretty interesting for a kid (this being said that I haven’t seen Naruto). Boruto has to attend his first day at a ninja school to become better. He meets a friend who he saves from being bullied (cliché) who again just so happened to be in the same ninja class as him. The very next day Boruto is forced to save his new friend who has been possessed by evil. Here we are introduced to a new ‘power’ of Boruto that I haven’t truly understood yet. Boruto then, in a very entertaining manner, reaches school (no spoilers).


Honestly, I feel this anime could have been better. This anime is entertaining and fun to watch. It’s like seeing Naruto again in kid form. I found the first episode to be very entertaining and I did realize that you don’t need to necessarily see Naruto to understand Boruto. The show brings with it some interesting action scenes as well and I really do look forward to seeing what this anime brings to us. The opening and ending are really awesome too (expected). I guess the only thing I’m disappointed about is the fact that it’s very predictable. Not all the time but most of the time. Anyways, can;t wait for more. I would highly recommend to watch this anime.



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