Death Note: Movie

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog! Hope everyone’s week is going amazing! I’ve been super busy with a lot of studies and my grandparents coming over to visit. So let;s begin!



This mystery, psychological thriller was directed by Adam Wingard and was released in August, 2017.

Duration:1 hour 40 minutes (100 minutes)


  • Light Turner / “Kira” (Nat Wolff)
  • L (Lakeith Stanfield)
  • Mia Sutton / “Kira” (Margaret Qualley)
  • Ryuk (Willem Dafoe and Jason Liles)


In Seattle, high school student Light Turner encounters a notebook marked “Death Note”. He is visited by the death god, Ryuk, who tells him that he can cause the death of anyone he wishes by writing their name in the book, as long as he knows their real name and face.

L, the detective, tracks down Kira and now the battle commences between L and Kira.



These are really the kind of movies that fry the brain. After seeing the actual death note being converted into such a horrific film I felt horrible. One of the best anime mystery’s of all time turned into this piece of garbage! The story starts off with ‘ok ya the death note falls and Light is gonna find it’ (not to forget to mention the name Light TURNER… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is that supposed to make it more American!?) . And, yeah, that’s what happens. But wait, Light takes money for doing other peoples homework. What? Massive storm and Death Note drops in front of his face. WHAT? In the anime, Light is super smart and actually gets bored of being so perfect. Since when does Light like to pick fights and earn money by doing stuff that breaks the rules? And when did Light become SO DUMB! Picture this, Light is scared when Ryuk first appears in front of him (who is, by the way, the best character of the movie).  The amount of gore and blood shown in each of the deaths is almost unwatchable. You literally see someone’s head getting decapitated. And Light doesn’t just do it to evil people. He does it to people who bully him too!! The way he gave up after trying to hide the death note from Mia is way too cringy.

“I can’t tell you, sorry”

“Oh, it’s ok”,

*begins walking away*,

“Wait I’ll tell you!”.

Introduction of L after countless killings who, not to be racist, is black. In the anime he is whiter than the god damn snow. They show his face in the first scene! And he isn’t even afraid to show it! Boom, out of nowhere, L pulls of some psychic crap and the sentence comes out “Light is in Seattle because he has to be on the other side of the planet (than Japan).”  That’s the scene that really cut the cake for me. I was all like, this L is wayyyyyy smarter than the anime L in the most bullshit way possible. But no, they had to prove me wrong in that also. On seeing Light for the very first time, L ceases to surprise me more by saying “You’re kira”. I kinda gave up on the movie after that and slept for a while and woke up and turned it off. A complete waste of my time and a complete disappointment compared to the anime. If anything this anime was funny. A mix of bad acting, horrible change in story, poor character choice, too many bad words and a lot of blood and gore. Overall horrible.



I would give this movie 1/5 stars.


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