Riverdale (Season 2): First Impression

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. Mine has been super busy with studies, basketball tournaments and comic con. Ugh, so tired! Let’s begin!


Let me start by mentioning how many people I know are watching this show. It came out while we were still in class but the number of snaps on Snapchat and Instagram stories of people watching this episode were INSANE! That’s really awesome though knowing that so many people watch this show.


So the season starts off where we left off in season 1. Something I honestly love, unlike most shows where they beat around the bush and show some back stories of different characters, this show was very to the point. No wastage of time. Slowly and steadily we are introduced to all the characters one by one and their families. I guess a great way for people to refresh their memories on the characters (not that I needed one since I just recently finished the show).



So, the episode moves along and we get to see a long awaited character from season 1. Yes, Veronica’s dad (TOTALLY different from what I expected by the way). But the main story is set in the hospital where everyone is worried about out beloved Archie’s dad. A good way to get the audience excited for another mystery. The show focused more on the talking part this time more than the visual. It really focused more on the port for the season more than anything.


The episode had quite a bit of drama, romance, comedy etc. Of course they had to start off with a heated scene but in the midst of it they introduced a Veronica and Archie going at it at the wrong time. Like, in the middle of all the seriousness this just felt like a sudden bump which I didn’t really like. But hey, I’m not the only audience.


Overall, I guess I’m kind of excited for this show cause of it’s great acting and cast and good directing as well. The show itself is quite entertaining so it seems very promising. This first episode had a really good mix of fun, joy and seriousness which I, personally, enjoy. I don’t think they could start the season in any better way. Really can’t wait to see more of this mystery unravel!

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