Elfen Lied: Anime

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This sci-fi, psychological horror was written by Lynn Okamoto and was aired in July, 2004.

No. of episodes: 13


  • Lucy/ Nyu
  • Kouta
  • Yuka
  • Mayu
  • Nana
  • Nozomi
  • Kurama



New species called “Diclonius” appear on the planet that look very similar to humans. Their only differences are the presence of horns and ‘vectors’ which they use as their offence and defense. The story is about Lucy, a Diclonius that escapes from her experimental lab and meets up with a friend from the past. Both have no past recollection of meeting each other. Now, the laboratory wishes to find Lucy and bring her back dead or alive.



Man, I wanted this anime to get over so bad! This anime is one of THE MOST average anime’s I have ever seen. It is really… how do I put it?… Boring! I had certain expectations when it came to this anime. In brief, the anime is just; blood, naked, past drama, more blood, more naked, fight over. Okay, I guess the fight scenes are appreciable and the quality of animation is decent (considering it was made in 2004). But the amount of unnecessary blood that is there in this anime should’ve just been used to make clothes for whenever the characters were naked. The opening is SO BORING. Most 13 episode anime’s I would finish in about a week. This anime took me almost a month to complete because of how much I was resisting to watch it. The story was absolute trash and the characters were just annoying with all there useless drama. Especially, that Kouta and his god damn ego. I liked Lucy’s character until she started getting all emotional on me. Haha, that’s a lot of negativity for one anime (probably the most I’ve ever done). But seriously, I feel I wasted my time watching this anime. If I had just seen the fight scenes over YouTube I guess it would’ve been fine. The story and opening really ruined it for me and the whole concept was really boring. I guess they could’ve done much more with what they had. But honestly, if you can’t even get the characters right then the anime doesn’t really have high hopes. A definite no go when it comes to recommending. Don’t waste your time. Overall hilarious.



I would give this anime 1.5/5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Elfen Lied: Anime

    • reviewit says:

      Honestly, I was very bored throughout. Although this anime is quite a popular one I did not find it to be particularly interesting and wouldn’t really recommend this unless you’ve seen everything else. It wasn’t just the story but the whole character development which was very poor as well.

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