Black Mirror: TV Show

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone’s week is going on. Tests are over so a sigh of relief finally. So let’s begin.



This sci-fi, thriller was created by Charlie Brooker and was aired in Decemeber, 2011. It is a UK based show.

No. of episodes: 13

No. of seasons: 3

No specific cast. Different people each episode.



A psychological thriller about how technology has and will take over peoples lives with a new story each episode.



I have a lot of mixed thoughts about this show. On one hand there are a few episodes where the show is so interesting and I just loved it. On the other hand, there are a lot of episodes that are so boring that I could barely sit through the whole episode. If anything remained constant, it would be how amazing the concept of this show was. Technology taking over peoples lives and ruining it. A great portrayal and an even better message. The amount we use technology today is absolutely insane and if we keep continuing, this show is the perfect example of what could happen. But there were a lot of episodes that were just so badly portrayed that it really changed my perspective on this show.  This show had some of the best portrayal of realism I could ask for. It felt like all of what was happening was reality. Fantastic. The show lacked some good music which would’ve just made the show a whole lot better but I guess the music would’ve reduced the realism. This show was also actually quite weird when it came to some of the episodes. There were a lot of “sex scenes” and quite a few disturbing scenes as well. As a matter of fact there was one episode with a nude scene as well. So highly recommended children not to watch this show. I would definitely recommend this show to other people though but particularly for the purpose to understand the dangers of technology. Overall decent.



I would give this show 3/5 stars.

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