Shokugeki No Soma (Season 3 Part 1): Anime

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyones week is going well. I’m surprised I actually found the time to do this blog. With the exams coming up my schedule has been packed. So lets begin!



This comedy anime a.k.a Food Wars was written by Yūto Tsukuda and this season was aired in October, 2017.

No. of episodes: 13


  • Yukihira Soma
  • Nakiri Erina
  • Tadokoro Megumi
  • Takumi Aldini
  • Hisako Arato
  • Ikumi Mito
  • Nakiri Alice
  • Eishi Tsukasa
  • Rindō Kobayashi

  • Nakiri Azami
  • Terunori Kuga



Yukihira Soma has just completed his middle school and works with his father at a local diner that cooks some of the greatest food. He wishes to pursue a career in cooking and to make that possible, his father enrolls him into one of the toughest culinary school in the world. Now he must cook off against other students and reach his aim i.e. ‘the best chef’! But things change drastically this season with introduction of some politics in the school.



My advice. WATCH THIS ANIME. No joke, this season was actually really good when it came to story (compared to the other two seasons) and suspense. The season started us off with a quick introduction with the elite 10, and of Soma’s dad, and quickly moved us into the season’s first competition which was for a festival. The competition was between Soma and Kuga (8th seat). A great competition and an even better way to show us that Soma is still thirsty for more. Moving on, the anime hits us with a HUGE plot twist where Erina’s father comes out of no where and… (no spoilers). With the new changes we get to see more matches against Soma and other Elite 10 members and also other Elite 10 members and club heads. If I were to say, Soma’s cook-offs  in this season were much better than in the first two seasons. But they are honestly slowly loosing their “WOW” factor. Also, there were very few shokugekis that were actually shown properly this season which was a major let down. But, the shokugekis that they did show were actually really awesome jaw-dropping as well. A lot of episodes has some really great suspense because of which I almost broke my iPad in rage. The opening was pretty good. I didn’t really listen to the ending much. The season barely ever showed Ryo (except for like 1 shokugeki) and didn’t show Hayama at all. The season also had one of the best endings. Especially when Erina’s dad said that Joichiro (Soma’s dad) was his role model. The anime displays to us one of the most unexpected shokugeki’s ever between the first seat and Soma (no spoilers on results). This anime is a must watch. The season truly lived up to the hype and has created even more for a season 4. Hope to see more. Overall awesome!



I would give this season of the anime 4/5 stars.


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11 thoughts on “Shokugeki No Soma (Season 3 Part 1): Anime

  1. Someone. says:

    Ok. Imma be brutally honest here. I love this anime. BUT I didn’t enjoy this season as much as the ones b4. Why?


    – There were so many places where the anime was kinda predictable. Soma vs Seat 1. Obvio Soma had to lose coz we were only like 12 episodes in.
    – I came here to watch a funny food anime, not a love story/political drama.
    – Also, we haven’t had any ‘visually amazing’ dishes. Season 1 & 2 had some amazing dishes: the pork dish, Megumi cutting dat fish etc…
    – RIP poor soma x Megumi shippers
    – AND IM YET WAITIN FOR THE Soma vs Chinese food guy match

    But yet this anime was is DOPEE, but maybe it wouldn’t be that good minus the suspense

    – Some Random Nub

    PS: at least give a spoiler warning. -_-

    Liked by 1 person

    • reviewit says:

      Haha sorry for no spoiler warning. Thanks for your opinions. I do agree the anime lacked CRAZY dishes compared to other seasons. But honestly if the anime continued with its monotonous “only cooking” way then it would get really boring. This introduction of the politics I feel is just a better way to create some crazy competitions in future seasons. Yes the anime was actually quite predictable in the sense of its results. But that’s only because we know out characters capabilities and clearly know that if Soma beat 1st seat the anime would be basically over. The way it was portrayed on the other hand was actually quite good! Hope to see more of your opinions!


      • Someone. says:

        Wow. I just figured out that this season was only 12 episodes. I waited until now (Thursday) for my weekly episode, but nothing showed up and I was thoroughly confused. I was so upset when I realized that the season ended 😥 Now that I go back and read it sounds so dumb, “Will there be more seasons?” Obvio. But I thought there were another 12 episodes in this season.

        All in all, a rather disappointing season then. Didn’t have any of them large fights that this season promised. Sorta feels as though they’re stretching the anime if you know what I mean…

        But mehhh gotta wait another 4 months. 😥

        Liked by 1 person

    • reviewit says:

      Shokugeki no Soma is a great anime in terms of its’ story and suspense. Although the competition doesn’t have that really “intense” feeling, the way it is portrayed is really good! You should definitely check this out.

      Liked by 1 person

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