Yowamushi Pedal: First Impression

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Man, with the exams coming I am barely getting any free time. Plus, yesterday was my brother’s birthday so I found no time at all. I apologize. Sorry if there are too many anime posts coming recently. There are just so many backed up and they are much easier to write than the others. So, let’s begin.


The new season of this anime came to me at kind of a surprise. Didn’t really follow up with it after season 3 and so, I didn’t really know what the release dates were. But, when it came out, I was totally reminded of all the awesome memories this anime brought me. But then I also started wondering, what are they gonna show us that’s gonna be new!? I guess that’s a major concern for me right now with this anime. This is one of those rare sports anime that extended till 4 whole seasons and I just hope this season goes stale and ruins my whole impression that was so well built in the first 3 seasons.



Moving on with the episode itself, it started off with a brief introduction that was very needed and was quite well shown as well. They covered all the major important parts and took their time with it. Glad they didn’t rush it.


After the introduction, all our characters are reintroduced using their signature dialogue or signature move and the race is continued. We are also reintroduced to Hakone academy and are reminded how ‘intense’ the competition was.


Honestly saying, this episode definitely did not excite me at all. With barely any progress and no suspense for the first episode, there is no excitement to see future episodes. The only highlight of this episode was how Naruko became the ace assistant (chill, it ain’t a spoiler) and even that wasn’t so amazing. I really hope the wrap up this race this season and provide some high quality competition unless this anime decides it wants to be at the bottom of my list.


So, overall first impression was below average but based on past experiences I do have hope that it will get better. Let’s see more!


If you want to check out the previous seasons review check out these links:


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