Seven Deadly Sins 2: First Impression

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope  everyone has had an amazing week. My exams are going on so that’s the reason for the late post. That’s how it’s gonna be next week too. So, let’s begin!


Another anime that I didn’t really keep up with and didn’t know would come so early into the year. The previous season was truly awesome with a great story and some awesome action scenes. This anime was really something else and had some really powerful characters as well.


The episode started off on a slightly confusing note as to what was happening and a minor flashback. But, it got back on track really quick and I must really condemn the anime for clarifying and showing so much in the very first episode.


We are re-introduced to all our characters and they are getting awarded for their great work in the previous season. Cool concept, quite boring though. We are shown some really odd people from the kingdom come and pick a fight with the seven deadly sins but Meliodas finishes that off quickly. But there has to be more to it.


We are also brought into a secret where Hendricksen… Actually no spoilers haha!


Hawk has a really awesome power now where he can see everyones power, magic and stuff like that levels. I really hope they use that properly in the anime and bring the best out of it. A good start to the use where we see all the Seven Deadly Sins powers.


Some weird thing is going on with Ban and King is going a long with him. Another part of the anime to follow on.


The ending creates some godly suspense with introduction to what has to be the main plot and the main enemies. The characters look so cool and strong. I really think we are in store for some crazy action this season.


Can’t wait to see more. A pretty good first impression. A lot of things going on at once. Hopes are high!


To check out the previous season review click here: Seven Deadly Sins: Anime

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