Boku No Hero Academia: First Impression

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. Mine’s been pretty average. So, let’s begin.


Man, so many amazing animes coming out back to back. It’s actually really exciting. Tokyo Ghoul few days ago, BNHA yesterday, SAO today and Shokugeki in a few days. Couldn’t ask for a better line up for this summer.


See the source image

So, directly speaking, this episode was just a recap. And, to make it even clearer, it was a very well made recap. The episode provided just the right amount of entertainment by mixing in a good amount of mind refreshments of where we left off.

Image result for my hero academia episode 39

The episode re introduced all our favorite characters and also gave us a brief recap of the fights and what enemies we are dealing with. It also gave us a very light hint as to what we should expect for the upcoming few episodes.

Image result for my hero academia episode 39


I would like to mention how this anime has some really good animation and its remained consistently good throughout. When it comes to a first episode, this couldn’t have been better and really was a great way to set up the whole season.

Image result for my hero academia episode 39

The opening was above average and the ending wasn’t that good at all. The episode was basically a filler mixed with recap. You aren’t really missing out if you miss this episode. Overall, a refreshing start. Nothing to get excited over! Excited to see more!




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