Shokugeki No Soma (Season 3 Part 2): First Impression

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. Sorry for the day late post. I was really busy yesterday. So, let’s begin!\


Man oh man, this summer has got me pumped with it’s anime line up! Shokugeki No Soma coming out was no surprise to me as I had written about it in some of the anime’s to look out for this April.


The episode did move along gradually and didn’t really show too much as of now. This episode was all about Erina. There was a quick back story of Erina and Soma’s dad. Also, we are given what to expect for this season with the examination around the corner.

download (2).jpg

We are shown a new side of Erina as a friend and as a new member of the Polar Star Dorm. The highlight of the episode was when Soma cooked up something from his restaurant for Erina and NEARLY got her to say it was delicious. But of course, the anime can’t let Erina become too nice.

download (1).jpg

The episode gave off a good first impression and really gets you curious about future episodes. The ending was a bit too much with Erina giving an emotional speech. Not really fitting of her character’s personality.


The animation of this anime is always good. What I did really notice was how the opening had ice and snow in contrast to the previous, part 1, opening which had fire. I don’t know how many people noticed that but it was a good song and a nice concept involved as well. The ending though was just average.

download (3).jpg

In my opinion, this season will provide to us some great cooking and a decent plot line as well. I do hope they start deviating from the political point of view though. That being said, can’t wait for more!!

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