13 Reasons Why: Season 2: First Impression

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. I am off to Bangkok for the vacations. A long needed break from all the studies. So, I’m pre-writing these reviews so that I can post them while I’m away. So, let’s begin!


The show coming out was no surprise but, it was a long awaited one by tons of people. The show received a lot of mixed reviews in the first season. It’s main plus point was it’s great concept and a very well made show but its’ main negative, that really brought its’ rating down, was how depressing the show was and how it really drove some people into thinking of new ways to make suicide look ‘cool’


The show started off with what the entire first season should’ve started with i.e. the dangers of suicide, how to over come the feeling, and some websites these people could approach. The opening is still the same and the story is based on the first season.


The story is set 5 months after the death of Hannah Baker where the people involved have been taken to court after Hannah’s mom has decided to go against the bullying that happens in the school. Everyone obviously has their own stories to tell and majority wish to get the truth out there.


We see that majority of our characters have not really changed in their attitude and personality. Bryce is still the ignorant, aggressive little brat he is; Alex, even though he colored his hair, is still a rebel and doesn’t listen to anyone around him but himself; and Tony who is still the ‘be careful’ kinda guy.


But, there are some people whose characters have changed quite a bit. Clay has become more secretive and more out going as a person and doesn’t hesitate to speak on what is on his mind. He still cares for Hannah dearly and isn’t able to erase her from his memory as hard as he tries; Mr. Porter is shown as a character who has had enough with all the drama and finally wants to bring a change in Bryce especially. He becomes way more aggressive in his approach and wont let anyone or anything come in his way;  and Tyler is displayed as a much braver character than usual. He is willing to speak about everything he did to Hannah and what everyone did to Hannah as well.


The show itself feels much more lively and not as depressing as the first season. A lot of great music as well which adds to the whole ‘non- depressing’ theme. I have only seen the first episode and it seems very promising. I can’t wait to see more and see how this season unravels in it’s plot.

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