Shokugeki no Soma: Third plate 2nd cour: Anime

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This comedy anime a.k.a Food Wars was written by Yūto Tsukuda and this season was aired in October, 2017.

No. of episodes: 13


  • Yukihira Soma
  • Nakiri Erina
  • Tadokoro Megumi
  • Takumi Aldini
  • Hisako Arato
  • Ikumi Mito
  • Nakiri Alice
  • Eishi Tsukasa
  • Rindō Kobayashi
  • Nakiri Azami
  • Terunori Kuga



Yukihira Soma has just completed his middle school and works with his father at a local diner that cooks some of the greatest food. He wishes to pursue a career in cooking and to make that possible, his father enrolls him into one of the toughest culinary school in the world. Now he must cook off against other students and reach his aim i.e. ‘the best chef’! But things change drastically this season with introduction of new competition or expulsion.



I will definitely give it to this anime for coming up with new ideas every single competition and every single cook off. This part had tons of surprises and was so much fun. We finally get to see a back story of Soma’s father’s past and it was absolutely amazing.

One thing about this part that really caught my attention was how they did not rush anything and progressed slowly to the main plot i.e. our main competition between the new elite 10 and a mix of rebels and ex-elite 10 members.

This second plate was tons of suspense and even though we are three seasons in, the anime gave us something beyond what we could imagine. They really make cooking look like an art and show how wide its’ scope is and how the anime wont just die off after 2 seasons because they are ‘out of ideas’ because clearly they are not.

I for one, am glad they added a bit of politics into the anime because now, every cook off has something to risk on the line and its’ always exciting to see what people are going to cook and how they are going to do it. Soma was the star of this season and we really see him work as hard as possible and see him shine at his best.

Although he is nowhere near his father you can really see how Soma has scope to become a chef that is a million times better than his dad and can really bring out the best inside of him.

I am super excited to see how the competition progresses in the next season and would really want to see who wins. A must watch for any anime fan. Overall amazing.



I would give this part of the season 4/5 stars.


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