Johnny Test: TV Show

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This animated, comedy, sci-fi show was created by Scott Fellows and was released in September, 2005.

No. of seasons: 6

No. of episodes: 234


  •  Johnny Test
  • Dukey
  • Susan Test
  • Mary Test



The story of a young boy named Johnny Test with genius sisters who invent cool new things every day. Johnny becomes victim to the testing and ends up fighting various enemies in the process.



Let me start off by saying that as a kid this show was amazing. The comedy, the story and the whole concept used to just amuse me to the maximum and would just provide me with hours of entertainment.

I don’t know if it’s wrong to say but I always found the Test sisters kind of attractive and I swear, my favorite character could be no one lesser than Bling Bling Boy. He was the absolute best in the sense that he was so funny and the things he would do were so hilarious to watch.

The story in itself was no where close to unique. There are so many shows where kid uses cool gadgets to fight evil and tries to act to cool but always ends up ruining everything.

Of course, as I grew up, I grew out of the show and after I moved to India a lot of the episodes would be repeated every few hours which was really annoying. So, of course, I got annoyed with the show. And, although the show was funny, had a really catchy opening song, and provided me with a lot of entertainment, this was definitely not one of the shows that really persisted in my life and was definitely not one I miss or anything.

There are cartoons like; courage the cowardly dog, spongebob, chowder and a lot more that really hold a close place to my heart and were a big part of my childhood. But, Johnny Test was just another show for me that I would enjoy watching, especially on a boring.

Nothing really worth recommending. But a great watch for having some great fun with friends. Overall nice.



I would give this show 2.5/5 stars.

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