Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line: Anime

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This sports anime was written by Wataru Watanabe and was aired in January, 2017.

No. of episodes: 25


  • Sakamichi Onoda
  • Shunsuke Imaizumi
  • Shoukichi Naruko
  • Teshima Junta
  • Aoyagi Hajime
  • Kaburagi Issa
  • Midousuji Akira



The story of Sohoku academy’s cycling team trying to become the best. This season is about the first and second day of the inter high race.



This anime has a pretty amazing first 2.5 seasons. But as this season progressed you notice how the creators have really run out of ideas.

The season started off with day 1 of the inter high. An interesting show of events. My first complain would be how insignificant Onoda’s role was. Considering he has the no. 1 tag, he should be the highlight of the entire race. But, leaving that aside, another problem I had was how they somehow had to have another scene of someone being left behind, waiting for them and then singing Princess Hime for inspiration. I get how that was amazing the first time but this time it was really annoying and brought a lot of negativity towards this anime.

As the first day progressed the anime did get quite intense. Of course the anime did maintain a good level of suspense in the sense that it was always anybody’s race. Naruko was definitely the star of the first day proving to be the most surprising and the most changed character. He gave tons of ‘did not expect that’ moments and added some much needed change.

But, again toward the end of the race, we are shown a repeat of a three way battle between Hakone, Sohoku and Kyoto Fushimi which may have been intense but would’ve been better if it wasn’t something we were expecting.

I would still suggest that people watch this anime because even though this season was slightly disappointing the anime as a whole is among the top of all the sports anime I have seen. Overall not so great.



I would give this season of the anime 3/5 stars.

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