Expelled: Movie

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This American, teen, comedy was directed by Alex Goyette and was released in December, 2014.

Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes (85 minutes)


  • Cameron Dallas as Felix O’Neil
  • Matt Shively as Danny
  • Lia Marie Johnson as Katie
  • Marcus Johns as Ben O’Neil
  • Andrea Russett as Vanessa
  • Emilio Palame as Gary Truman
  • Kristina Hayes as Julie O’Neil



When the high school prankster finally gets expelled he thinks he has hit the jackpot. By faking that he’s still in school, Felix is  chilling at home and enjoying his days. But, this enjoyment is short-lived when his mother comes close to finding out he is not only getting failing grades but is also expelled from school.



Another movie that was a result of my boredom. I came across this movie expecting to see something boring with poor acting and directing and surely, I wasn’t disappointed.

The movie was the perfect example of bad American movies with some terrible acting and an even worse plot. When thought about, the movie definitely has a few positives but the negatives have completely overpowered.

Starting off, the movie shows a mischievous high school kid who finally commits a prank capable enough of getting expelled. This guy is the perfect example of a character to be starring in an American teen movie. His acting was not even sub-par and his emotions were flying all over the place.

The movie presented us with Felix’s best friend who we know nothing about except for the fact that he always ends up being an accomplice to the pranks and is somehow an EPIC hacker. Also, for no reason, after one meeting with a pizza delivery girl (who just so happens to be a girl who is Felix’s age) he starts dating her WITHOUT any of the audience even knowing.

The plot is what had me rolling on the floor. This kid was actually living the life being expelled. But, just to get his mom away from finding out that he’s failing and that he got expelled, this kid not only goes to jail but also threatens the principal for something the principal really SHOULD go to jail for i.e. betting the school’s money on online poker.

I really think the only positive is the music and how funny everything was because of how bad it was. I honestly can’t think of anything else that amused me.

I would not recommend to watch this movie unless you have literally seen every other movie. Overall useless.



I would give this movie 1.5/5 stars.


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