My Hero Academia (Season 3): Anime: “Action and drama: a match made in heaven.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. I am taking the about section out of my blogs as I think it is pretty useless. So, let’s begin.



With an intense training camp for the UA school members, their enjoyment is short lived when the League of Villains decide to attack and kidnap Bakugo. Thus commences a legendary fight between All Might and his true nemesis followed by a new world without the All Might we know and love. Everything changes and everyone is fighting for the top. But, the League of Villains have a plan of their own.



This season of BNHA was definitely one of the best of this year. Filled with some great drama and some even better action, this anime had it all. Every fight scene was amazing and the stories that accompanied it were even more fun to watch. This season provided its’ viewers some great entertainment and I was definitely sad when it ended.

So, the season started off with the forest training camp where we really see the base level of all our favorite heroes and this acts as the starting point of their development. Of course, their training is short lived when the newly formed League of Villains decide to attack the students. The villains are super cool and have some quite interesting quirks. I would say there is no way they could’ve made a better group of villains.

Moving on, we see that after Bakugo is kidnapped, a lot starts happening where all the pro heroes come together and begin fighting against the League of Villains and countless Nomus. But, we are also introduced to the anime’s main villain whose name I will not reveal in case of spoiler purposes. The fight between him and All Might is amazing  and truly enhanced the action of this anime immensely.

Also, before I forget to mention, at the training camp, Deku also fights a villain 1 v 1 and the fight is absolutely fantastic. The animation and display was picture perfect and seeing the fight got me more than interested in this anime.

After the fight between the main villain and All Might, a lot changes in the hero world. The story moves on and we get to see the examination for the students to become pro heroes. It was some good entertainment and was also a good way to display some of the training that we keep missing out on due to villain encounters.

Finally, we get to see an absolutely insane fight between Deku and Bakugo which definitely takes the cake. The animation and fight were just mind blowing and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for even one second.

There were definitely a few episodes in the season that were utterly boring and didn’t seem to really play an important role. The openings and endings were above average.

After this season I would definitely recommend all anime fans to see this anime. Overall amazing.



I would give this season of the anime 4/5 stars.

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