Your Lie In April: Anime: “Words of poetry, scenes of romance, story of memories.”

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Arima Kousei is a world class pianist who has lost his ability to hear his own playing. After his mother passes away, his whole world comes crumbling down only to finally gain some color when he meets Kaori Miyazono through his friends. She takes him on a journey to gain back his love for music. But, Kaori has a problem of her own.



Words can not describe the beauty this anime is. After countless suggestions I realized that I had prolonged the anime long enough and decided to watch it and I couldn’t be more than glad I did.

This anime has the perfect balance between drama, romance, comedy, and music. Everything has been so wonderfully portrayed to produce the maximum amount of emotion. What really came to my notice is how they built so much on the main characters i.e. Kousei and Kaori while also subtly developing our supporting role characters like Tsubaki, Watari, Aiza, and Emi. Each person played such a major role in the anime in one part or the other.

Coming to the story, although it is quite common to see a plot like this, the way it was presented was very unique and is what made this anime so amazing.

Now, coming to the characters, we see Kousei in all his stages of life: as an obedient son, a rebellious son, a broken down kid, a broken down teenager, a love-struck teenager, a determined teenager, a failed teenager, a successful teenager, and finally, someone who is strong enough to suffer another loss of a loved one.

I am not a fan of classical piano but this anime showed me the amount of emotion that can come out just by hearing someone play. Even I was able to understand everything Kousei was going through every single time he played and that triggered most of my emotional reflex.

As I said in my first impression, every scene is a tear held back, and yes, it was. Every single scene almost made me cry out of happiness or sorrow. The only times I could no longer hold my tears back were during each one of Kousei’s performances and during the last episode (I am not going to spoil as to what happened).

The way the anime is portrayed can’t help but get you emotionally attached to each and every character. You feel Kousei’s pain and love, Kaori’s regret and joy, Tsubaki’s love and concern, and Watari’s friendliness and care.

Finally, even the humor of this anime was well kept and not overdone considering the atmosphere of the anime. This anime has blown my mind as to how for an anime can take you in terms of connection and emotion and how a simple story line if shown properly can be the most beautiful thing.

The opening and ending songs suited the anime perfectly. The animation style was of good quality. Honestly there is nothing I would change. If you love anime and haven’t seen this anime you are definitely missing out. Overall fantastic.



I would give this anime 4.5/5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Your Lie In April: Anime: “Words of poetry, scenes of romance, story of memories.”

  1. Karandi says:

    Your Lie in April is beautiful. While this isn’t a favourite anime of mine, I really appreciate just how beautifully put together this story is and the main characters. Glad you enjoyed it when you finally watched it.

    Liked by 1 person

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