The Badminton Play of Ayano Hanesaki: Anime: “A battle of badminton destroyed by drama.”

Hey guys how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone’s week is going well. The next few posts are going to be just anime because of all the new series that have begun and how a lot of other anime have just finished off as well. So, let’s begin.



Ayano Hanesaki is a badminton prodigy with a world class badminton mother to mentor  her. But, all changes when her mother leaves the house for no specific reason leaving Ayano to care for herself in badminton. Tachibana Kentarou is a determined badminton player who trains herself extensively to become the best in Japan. Tachibana considers Ayano as her biggest rival. But, Ayano joins Tachibana’s school for high school. Now, they must all battle it out in the league that will take them to nationals.



I have a lot of mixed feeling about this anime. I began watching this because I needed a change from the usual action packed anime that I’ve been seeing a lot lately.

This anime has a major imbalance when it comes to sport and drama. While most other sports anime do focus on a lot of drama they manage to cover it up with highly intense games for long periods of time. The creators of this anime failed to cover this in a mere 13 episodes. With short games and excessive drama this anime really turned out to be a waste of my time.

Still, even if there was more drama than the sport, the drama itself was really worthless. Ayano’s mom leaves her because she loses ONE match and then magically reappears 10 years later to take her away. This was definitely a sad attempt at making the anime about “more than just sports itself”.

You also could really see the similarity between the general stories of this anime and Haikyuu!!. We see an overpowered person beat a weaker person and they both end up in the same school and they hate each other but later learn to become friends. But, I would be wrong to say that this anime comes anywhere near to the level of Haikyuu!!.

All said, the anime didn’t have only negatives. The anime definitely had some of the best animation I had ever seen for any anime. The swift movements and clean shots enhanced the small games that were played and made it fun to watch. Another big for me was how detailed each game was. Even though the amount played was limited, the anime didn’t fail to show each game in a very intricate manner. The anticipation was great and I seriously never knew who was going to win which game. The element of surprise as some may call it. The final game was very well shown and kept me on the edge of my seat for its’ entire duration.

I guess the biggest problem for this anime was its’ 13 episode limit. Without all the nonsense drama the anime isn’t that bad. The opening was above average. Overall meh.



I would give this anime 2/5 stars.

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