Soorma: Movie: “Story of a legend, movie of a warrior.”

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The true story of Indian Hockey legend, Sandeep Singh, who was shot at the peak of his career and fought through life to make a recovery and return back to hockey.



I did not end up watching this movie in the cinema rather, I saw it on my television i.e. on Amazon Prime. This movie definitely has a lot of ups and downs for me.

The story revolved around Sandeep Singh who has a natural born talent for hockey and with his amazing flicker skills, he is able to dominate in the Indian team. But, when an accidental shot sends him paralyzed from the hip below, Sandeep is sent fighting for his life to get his legs moving again while also trying to understand his failed marriage.

I will say that I am impressed by the fact that this movie has the perfect balance between drama and action. Most Bollywood movies fail to do so and tend to look way too much at the drama aspect of the film which causes the whole idea of a sports film to diminish.

We not only get to see good quality, realistic hockey games but we also get to feel the emotions of our hero in the film. The movie does well in conveying its message that with hard work and determination anything can be achieved. It was able to deliver a certain level of emotion while also maintaining a standard of excitement to see more of the sports.

But, the movie was not all rainbows and sunshine. The acting in the film was barely above subpar and the directing was very average as well. Most of the time it felt like the actors were over doing their role and it really brought down the film for me. For a film that has the capability to move an entire audience, let alone a nation, this movie failed to do so because of their low performance in the mentioned aspects.

The movie may have had a great story line and a very good idea for mode of portrayal but the delivery lacked the extra push that could’ve come from some outstanding acting and directing.

The music was pretty good and this movie is a definite one time watch. It is truly an inspirational story and has the ability to ignite certain emotions in people who dream to achieve very high. Overall impressed.



I would give this movie 3/5 stars.

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