Bleach: Movie: “Classic anime gone wrong.”

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Kurosaki Ichigo is a high school kid who has the ability to see ghosts. When Rukia, a soul reaper, enters the human world and discovers Ichigo, she is forced to transfer her powers to him in order to survive a hollow attack. Going against the reaper code, Rukia is now under pursuit by her brother, Byakuya and her childhood friend, Renji. Ichigo must train to save himself, his friends, his family, and Rukia. But, things take a turn for worse when Ichigo encounters the hollow that led to the death of his mother.


Starting off, I want to make it clear that I do not watch a lot of live action films because it always feels that the essence of an anime can not be portrayed by humans. This movie did not change that notion for me.

I would like to be the first to say that this movie is not as bad as the Death Note live action film which, we all have to agree, was utterly pathetic. But, that isn’t really saying much. 

The film depicts a brief account of what happens in season 1 of the Bleach anime series where Rukia enters the world, gives Ichigo her powers, trains him, and is eventually forced to go back to the soul world because she has committed a huge crime.

First of all, the story and concept use was great. They had to somehow depict some part of this huge anime in a 1 and half hour film and they did that without rushing a lot of the scenes. The only part of the movie that felt rushed was the beginning when Ichigo first got his powers from Rukia. Everything was happening so quickly that I got lost a few times. But, it was only for a brief 20 minutes or so and then the movie had a set pace that worked out throughout the film. You could also see how the characters were made to use the same lines from the anime itself.

The actors chosen for the film were also good. Ichigo had a great actor who really was able to capture the essence of who he was portraying. You could really see the aggressive nature of the actor along with his will to protect his friends and family. Also, Rukia, Sato, and Ishida had some great actors as well. However, Orihime’s character was quite off in terms of looks and Byakuya was shown as way too kind of a character who gave Rukia countless number of chances at survival which would have never happened in the anime.

Throughout the movie, I was quite impressed with how the film was made in terms of directing and character development. The ending of the movie is what really got me fed up with the whole movie. For a good 30-40 minutes, in the end, the movie showed us a terrible fight scene between Ichigo and the Grand Fisher who killed his mother, they incorrectly depicted Renji’s zanpakuto, and we see a very stretched out scene of Byakuya completely destroying Ichigo 4 times. This was a major let down because for the duration of the ending there was not a single scene which urged me to continue watching the film.

The absolute ending of the film when Ichigo loses all his memories is also very unclear as to whether there will be a second part of the movie. So, although the movie started off well and had a good story development, the ending ruined the entire film for me and brought the rating down a lot. Overall below average.


I would give this movie 2.5/5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Bleach: Movie: “Classic anime gone wrong.”

  1. Karandi says:

    While I felt the ending fight sequence was overblown and would have liked more development of the characters earlier rather than just watching that fight sequence, I was actually impressed with the effort at adapting Bleach and feel they did a pretty decent job. It certainly surpassed any expectations I had going in and ended up being a fairly watchable film which I had fun with.

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    • reviewitweb says:

      I agree with the fight scene being overblown and that there should have been more character development. However, although the acting was decent and they chose a good part of the story to portray, I do feel the movie lacked a certain amount of directing and drive to help meet any expectations I had for the film. Yes, I will agree the film is watchable and is definitely one of the better live actions out there. But, as someone like myself, who does not watch a lot of live action, it was kind of a let down to see the terrible ending which ruined the whole experience.

      Thanks for your opinion!


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