New Year 2019: New ideas!

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. Happy new year to everyone reading this! I really apologize for being so inconsistent with the blogs. With exams every other day and college applications on my head, it is getting quite tough for me to post even once a week. I promise once everything settles down there will be a proper schedule in place.

So, with the onset of a new year there are a few things I wanted to change with the way my blog is running. For the past few weeks, the response on the page has been dying. To put it bluntly, I have gotten a total of 1 like and around 10 views over the last 16 days. This is a big fall for my blog considering I was at my peak in October and November where I was consistently getting 8-10 likes a week and 15 views a day. So, here are some of the changes I have thought up for the blog:

  1. A complete new design for the page where all the reviews are presented in a much neater manner, properly segregating the movies, TV shows, and anime reviews.
  2. A proper time table for 1 movie review and 1 anime or tv show review per week.
  3. More interactive blog page where I am willing to communicate with other bloggers via DM to form a group where we help each other out with our blogs.
  4. I am going to set up a Patreon where people can donate to help support my blog simply so I can develop the page more in terms of design and so that I can further use the money for advertising.

I also have some new ideas outside of ReviewIt where I start a new blog page where I post some of my stories that I have written and have not been published anywhere. The posts will be chapter wise and there will be a new chapter every week. Further, the books would also be available to purchase as a hard copy. I would be setting up a Patreon for that account as well to help me with producing hard copies in bulk. I think this would be a great idea because reading reviews can only take you to a minimal audience whereas story books are unique and can definitely grab more attention

Of course, all of these ideas will come into play after the completion of all of my examinations and I really hope to see a positive response.

It is a request to each person who reads this post to please leave your opinion of my ideas in the comments and further like the post to simply support the blog. It would really motivate me to write more and would be great for the community of this blog page.

Hope to see a great response!

3 thoughts on “New Year 2019: New ideas!

  1. Operation X says:

    I think you should totally go with these brand-new ideas.
    It is wonderful you have shared your ideas with us.
    Keep blogging, I just followed you and I hope you follow us back and give us some likes!
    I wish you a happy and inspiring 2019!
    – Ken Ho

    Liked by 1 person

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