Narcos (Season 1): TV Show: “Realism to the extreme.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. So, let’s begin,


The story of drug lord Pablo Escobar and his journey while selling cocaine. The story revolves around his success, life, and later his problems with the government.


I had to rewatch this show because I couldn’t remember what the whole thing is about. And, I will say that I definitely understood it more this time.

The show is on another level of realism just like Narcos: Mexico. The show has a ton of drama and is a lot of fun to watch but for me, this season had a decent amount of negatives as well as positives.

First coming to the positives, the realism, the acting, the story, and the plot were all so amazing that you can’t help but always want to see the next episode. The realism and acting compliment each other so well and mix that with a killer plot and you have a recipe for a perfect show. The show had a decent amount of suspense which is a really important factor to keep you interested as well.

Now coming to the negatives. The show had way too much gore, nudity, and unnecessary drama. Yes, I do know that this show is meant to be realistic and this is what probably happened. However, after watching Narcos: Mexico, it feels as though I was watching a show about a murderer rather than a drug lord. There was not enough context prior to his successful business and the season seemed to be rushed in all aspects from forming the business to killing, to problems with the government, etc. So, while the show had all those positive aspects, the mode of portrayal was kind off of for me but, I’m sure a lot of other people loved it.

This is not a show for kids and people with a weak stomach. With the amount of killing and nudity, I was at awe because the show was so different compared to Narcos: Mexico (Which I liked way more by the way).

Still, the show is one that people really should see because it is a true story and it is good to always be informed about the kind of people this world has. Overall meh.


I would give this season of the show 3/5 stars.

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