Cells at Work!: Anime: “Can an anime live off of its’ cuteness?”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog Hope everyone is having an amazing week. So, let’s begin.


The human body consists of over 3 trillion cells that are hard at work performing their duty on a daily basis. This series focuses on the working of the cells in the human body and what they encounter on a daily basis with special emphasis on certain characters.


I decided to see this anime after reading some pretty high praise on Karandi’s page and honestly, the last thing I expected was for this anime to be an educational one.

I am, as a matter of fact, a biology student and can say with complete assurance that everything in this anime was true and honestly helped me understand what I am currently learning for my exams. I can totally see this anime being used in Japanese schools to teach children in a more fun and entertaining manner.

Like every anime, this anime also had it’s ups and downs. I will have to give my opinion from both; an educational point of view and an anime watcher point of view.

First coming to the positives. The anime was all about being cute and entertaining. The platelets were beyond cute and every episode we had a new enemy or disease to learn about. The fight scenes were very well depicted with no restrictions on the amount of blood being shown and the overall best part about the anime were the characters in general. Each character had a personalty to suit their job and added to the whole joyous environment that the anime provided. Although it felt I was watching an anime for 10 year olds I kept in mind that the anime was educational and was very well made in that aspect as well.

Next coming to the negatives. The biggest problem the anime had was its’ monotonous nature. For the first 7-8 episodes the story was almost EXACTLY the same. RBC loses her way, encounters disease causing pathogen, WBC comes, intense fight scene, a lot of cells come together and fight, body wins. I was honestly getting annoyed by this cycle of repetition and was nearly about to quit the anime because of how bored I got. The opening was cute but quite boring as well.

The ending of the anime (last 2-3 episodes) was quite impressive with some great drama and cool fight scenes. Honestly, the platelets are what made this anime special. They were so cute and diligent in their work that they deserve a photo right here:

This isn’t an anime meant to be binge-watched. I wouldn’t recommend watching this anime unless you’re in the mood to learn something new. Overall average.


I would give this anime 2.5/5 stars.

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