Uri: The Surgical Strike: Movie

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. With the recent events that happened in Pakistan (a very good job done by the Indian army), the reviewing of this movie couldn’t be done at a better time. So, let’s begin.


The story is about the response the Indians gave to the terrorists in Pakistan who caused the death of many Indian military personnel.


This movie is a perfect example of a new type of Indian cinema. I have finally seen a movie that does not have romance and excessive music receive high praise and let me say, this movie deserves it.

This was one of the first Indian films where I could proudly say there was a good balance between the drama, realism, and patriotism. A lot of the other movies these days usually go a bit too far with the drama and patriotism but this movie did it very well.

The movie could not have been portrayed better than it was already. Throughout the film, there was some great acting by Vicky and we get to see some great, realistic action scenes as well which enhanced the movie as a whole and definitely made it more captivating.

Most Indian movies have random moments where there is a lot of music of a lot of dancing (or in most cases, both), but this movie was very to the point in conveying this message.

All this review is comparison of this movie to other Indian Bollywood films. Hollywood films are generally better than this because of better realism but the portrayal of this film was good enough to be compared to even a Hollywood film.

The only drawback of this movie would be how a lot of the scenes were unnecessarily dragged on and were not necessary for the film at all which made it quite unrealistic at times.

I would urge every Indian to watch this must-watch film. Overall impressed.


I would give this movie 4/5 stars.

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