Black Clover: Anime: First Impression: “Impressive plot average characters.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone is having an amazing week. So, let’s begin.

After my friend begging me for countless days, I have finally decided to start this ongoing anime.

The anime starts off with an extremely annoying main character who (like any other) is unique in an extremely odd way. Unlike others, he doesn’t have magical powers. But, since he is our MAIN character, he has what we like to call “sheer determination”. And, like in every other anime, he has an extremely overpowered friend who always manages to show him up.

Don’t take me the wrong way. It’s not as if the main character has an annoying overall character. He is just annoying in the sense that he is so immature and is always shouting throughout the episode. Yes, I know I’ll get a lot of hate for saying this and yes, I do know his character becomes really cool in the future episodes. But hey, this is a FIRST impression and I, honestly, prefer my characters to be a little bit less on the “cliché ” side.

Moving on to the actual plot. This was actually really amazing. I know this is just like any other anime about magic but, I was really impressed by the concept of the books. Although there are still a lot of things I don’t know I can say with complete assurance that this anime is going to have a great plot development and some great action scenes as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene where Asta gets his book and the action scene following it. The back story was also very nice and relatable and wasn’t just some random story for character development.

The anime does hold some great promises for upcoming episodes and I can really see it only getting better from here. I hope I am not disappointed. I’ll probably do a review every 50 episodes. *Fingers crossed for a good anime choice*.

Share your views on the anime in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Black Clover: Anime: First Impression: “Impressive plot average characters.”

    • reviewitweb says:

      This anime is honestly in the top 5 list of mine and is totally worth it. Do check it out before it becomes too long. Also, I watched fairytale before I started blogging. So, I don’t have a very clear memory of a lot of the anime . I’ve seen around 150 episodes and it wouldn’t be justified to give a half knowledged review. And I don’t think I’ll be giving it a second chance.


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