Captain Marvel: Movie: “Good story, poor execution.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having an amazing week! So, let’s begin!


The story revolves around Vers and her war against her planet’s enemy. However, when she lands on planet Earth her whole perspective of her home planet changes causing her to face many difficulties. With the help of her unique power she must fight off the people who have betrayed her.


After seeing all the unsure reviews and all the drama caused due to social media related to this movie I knew I had to see this movie for myself and so, that is what I did (2 weeks ago).

Let me start off by saying there was no aspect of this movie that impressed. From below average acting to boring fight scenes to fail comedy to poor plot development, this movie has it all!

The movie begins with Captain Marvel on her own “home” planet with her “friends”and her life there. Later, the movie progresses into an all out inter-galactic war between them and a neighbouring planet. Finally we end up on earth (don’t we always) where we first have some explaining to do to some human who is obviously going to be crucial for entire marvel series (Coincidence? I think not.) and then a quick plot twist resulting in a (what is supposed to be) epic fight.

The fight scenes, which I generally give Marvel a lot of credit for, were weak and were very poorly portrayed. The fighting was very confusing and not enjoyable at all. There are countless times in the movie where they tried to make the audience laugh (yes, I noticed this). However, there were only a few times when I heard genuine chuckles in my crowd which seems very low because I love Marvel for their action, humour, and good directing. Also, I couldn’t help but notice how there were so many unnecessary scenes in this movie which just made it look more and more stretched out. There were actually a few times when I almost dozed off in the first half of the film.

However , in the midst of all the negativity, there was still a shred of positivity in the fact that the movie has good music. This is another integral part of Marvel movies and luckily they were able to uphold that.

I can see a lot of people online going on about some stuff regarding “feminism” which I find to be absolutely nonsense. It was a simple superhero movie portraying the only super strong female hero and her struggles to prove herself. End of story.

I guess the main reason the movie was such a disappointment to people was because it was way too over hyped and it didn’t turn out how people expected it! Not a must watch according to me. You’re not really missing out. Overall not impressed.


I would give this movie 2/5 stars.

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