Mob Psycho 100 II: Anime: “Best anime of this year so far?”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone has had an amazing week. So, let’s begin.


This season revolves around Mob discovering himself and his emotions. We go on an adventure of how Mob is progressing socially, physically and emotionally.

A new enemy appears who seems to be insanely strong and fights Mob to the death!


This season of Mob Psycho blew my mind. Every single episode from the beginning till the end was jam packed with an amazing story, amazing action, amazing comedy, and amazing entertainment.

The story starts off with the development of Mob’s personality. We get to see how Mob starts hanging out with his friends more and how he doesn’t wish to be slave to all of Reigen’s demands. We also learn that Mob is a quick learner who learns a lot of new moves with his power during battle itself.

As the season progresses we move on to the main plot where the main enemy has put together an organisation to take over the world (pretty basic stuff) and Mob, with his friends, must stop this from happening.

This season, we get to see the real Mob who despises violence but despises people who use their magic for violence even more. He is able to meet a bunch of strong espers who he befriends due to his new caring and friendly attitude.

Coming to the action scenes, this anime has surpassed my scope of anime fights. The fights were so beautifully presented, I was at a complete awe by just watching it. The animation quality was perfect and none of the fight scenes were rushed or unnecessary. We really get to see the depths of Mob’s powers and this makes it all the more amazing to watch.

The humour of this anime is also on par with any other anime dedicated to comedy. Reigen and Dimple are such lovable characters and add so much joy to the show that it would just feel so incomplete without them.

I really loved how there was more to this season than just the main plot. We get to see Mob’s daily life and also his development. This impresses me because it shows that the creators are willing to take time to explain each and every detail carefully and I respect that.

This is one of those few anime where every episode was better than the previous which pushed this anime up to my top 5. Every episode was also an emotional roller coaster of humour, sadness and excitement! The opening was just as crazy, funny, and weird as the first season! This is a must watch show. Overall amazing!


I would give this season of Mob Pyscho 100 4.5/5 stars.

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