Fruit Basket: First Impression: “New season calls for OG remake.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I apologise for so many anime reviews it’s just that this month a lot of anime are coming out and a lot of anime that I was watching has ended.

I started this anime simply to see why there was so much hype around the entire anime network. I had no intention of starting this anime. While I was going to watch an episode of Black Clover, it just so happened that this anime appeared in the “Recently Added” section and after hearing all the anticipation, I decided to give it a go.

I only found out after watching the first episode that this anime is a 1990’s remake and from there I basically understood why people are so excited to see this ‘better quality’ remake (even though it has the same story and everything). So, I won’t be reviewing based on hype or any past experiences with the older version of this anime because I had no idea about this.

Coming to the episode itself, the anime started off extremely slow. We are introduced to our main characters and are given a basic outlook on their personalities. This anime came to me with some really mixed feelings. Although it started slow, the anime moved on to a more interesting pace immediately showing us more into the lives of our main characters and how they all live so differently.

Because the episode was so slow, it felt as though the episode was just going on and on and there was no end to it. However, the ending of the anime really did catch my eye. When the main character changed into a cat I finally realised what I truly am in for. At first, I thought all this talk about Chinese zodiac was useless but later the story started coming together and made the long episode slightly more worth it.

The animation quality of this anime is great and the story seems to be making sense and coming together. I hope this anime really does live up to the hype that the anime community has created. I guess I’m pretty excited to see more!

I am born in the year of the snake! What about you guys?

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