Black Clover (Ep. 26-50): Anime: “An amazing all in one anime.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone is having an amazing week. So, let’s begin.


These episodes deal with Asta and the Black Bulls going on a number of missions and the anime has introduced the main enemy group. Asta must become stronger to have a chance to go against Yuno in the race to see who will become the Wizard King.


This anime has jumped leaps and bounds in my list because of these 25 episodes. Throughout these episodes I was presented with the most amazing action scenes, most interesting drama, and very enjoyable humour as well.

First let me go back to my comments about Asta. He is the most lovable character I have ever seen. He is literally a combination of all amazing anime characters. For eg. he has Hinata’s determination, Deku’s will power, Ichigo’s seriousness in the middle of a fight, Naruto’s childish behaviour, and so much more.

These episodes show us such a big improvement in every single character. They have moved away from just showing Asta chasing his dream to showing us the power of every other character. I especially love Captain Yami who just has such a chill attitude but you can genuinely see the care for each and every one of his group’s members.

These episodes had one of the best fight scenes I have ever seen in an anime from episode 40 to 50. The display of that fight was so incredible that I had tears of sadness and joy every single scene. The fight has everything that’s good about an anime with great animation, perfectly timed back stories, and crazy new developments during the fight itself.

My most favourite part about this anime is the fact that it takes it’s time to explain things. I don’t usually watch long anime but I rarely ever see an anime spend 10 episodes for nearly the same fight. This really impressed me and made me feel more emotionally attattched.

This is a must watch anime. The opening songs are some of the best I have ever heard in an anime and I listen to them every single day! Even the filler episodes are super interesting! This anime is the perfect example of how a basic anime with a cool concept can be epic! Overall awesome.


I would give these episodes of Black Clover 4.5/5 stars.

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