Hunter x Hunter (Ep.1-25): Anime: “The fan base has justified love.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great week. So, let’s begin.


In these episodes we are presented with 2 arcs:

The first arc deals with the Hunter Exams where our beloved Gon makes new friends who all work together to help each other pass.

The second arc deals with rescuing Killua after he goes back home to his family of assassins. This arc shows Killua’s love for his friends and Killua’s terrifying family history.


Please don’t give me hate for not starting this anime much sooner. And yes, I totally regret not starting it earlier as well. I have seen parts of Heaven’s Arena and was very impressed and so, I decided to finally watch this anime entirely. I must say. I am impressed.

Like I always say, I love watching exams in anime and so, starting off the show with a major exam was a huge plus from my side. Although I feel the anime didn’t give much of a foundation to build up on, the anime definitely covered up for it by making it so simple to understand the story line and such great characters as well.

The Hunter exam was extremely enjoyable with some great fight scenes and a good insight on what our characters will be like in future episodes. The comedy in this is very subtle but I can not fall short of commending the anime for its’ great character personalities. Killua, Gon, Kurapika, Hisoka, Leorio, and many others are absolutely great characters and removing any one of them would make the anime feel a lot worse.

The second arc was equally as enjoyable as the first one where we get to see how Killua lives among his family of assassins. We get to see Gon’s incredible determination, will power, love, and care which makes you love him even more.

One thing I would have to give negative remarks about would probably be the anime’s lack of suspense. I feel if the anime had more of a suspense factor at the end of each episode it would urge me to watch more continuously but it doesn’t really stand out in that aspect. And, even though this isn’t true entirely, the anime is quite predictable in quite a few scenes which is not really a major negative but is just something I wanted to point out.

I am watching the 2011 version so, the animation is decent. The opening and ending songs sound great and I am super excited to start the Heaven’s Arena arc. Overall impressed.


I would give these episodes of the anime 4/5 stars.

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