Spirited Away: Movie: “A beautiful classic.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having an amazing week. So, let’s begin.


After Chihiro and her family come across an abandoned amusement park they find that at night, this place is full of mysteries. Once her parents are turned to pigs, Chihiro must survive a few days with human hating spirits to eventually find the cure for her parents and leavethe cursed amusement park. But, it turns out to be more fun than scary.


Starting off, this movie is truly worthy of the title ‘classic’. This movie will live on time immemorial because of its’ joyous characters, cute and mysterious plot, and a universally lovable story.

Coming to the plot. For a movie, this plot is not 100% unique but the mode of depiction is unique enough. There were tons of cute scenes and the movie in itself is very interesting to watch. It kept me entertained for the entire duration. Although there was a lot of unnecessary drama which prolonged the movie and left quite a few questions unanswered, the movie was still very fun to watch and had a good main story line that they stuck to (for the most part).

As for the characters, Chihiro is an amazing character with some great development. She is truly one of those characters that you remember because of her warm and immature attitude which seems so welcoming and joyous. Every character had a good role in this movie which made it more wholesome and I can not let the fact that No Face was so awesome sleep. He was definitely the cutest character (evil side apart) and just added so much fun to the overall movie experience.

The animation quality was pretty good for its’ time and my only problem would be the lack of a good song for the anime which would make it more easily recognizable. I know this review is pretty short but there’s not much more to say about this anime except that it is extremely cute, fun, and entertaining making it perfect to be called a classic. Overall fun!


I would give this movie 4/5 stars.

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