Hunter x Hunter (Ep. 26-50): Anime: “A true action anime.”

Hey guys, how’s it going:? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great week. So, let’s begin.


In these episodes, we see Gon and Killua enter Heaven’s Arena to earn some money but later realize that Hisoka is also in this arena making it a good location for Gon to complete his promise

We also get an insight into the Phantom Troupe as they plot to steal everything at the world’s biggest auction. Kurapika is determined to take his revenge and Gon is determined to find his dad.


I want to start off by saying how amazing this anime is. From the action to the drama to the characters to the animation to the thrill, everything just surpasses my expectations and makes it such an awesome overall experience.

In the first arc we have Heaven’s Arena which was so much fun to watch. This arc was literally an action lovers dream and combine that with Hisoka, Gon, and Killua’s skills and you are bound to fangirl over this anime.

In this arc, our beloved characters also learn how to use nen which is basically the name they have given their internal energy (like reiatsu in bleach). You can really see the amount of work and thought put into this aspect of the anime because of how complicated the system is. Nen has its’ own sub parts, further each person has their own ability to enhance how they use their nen, etc. And I really love how this anime has taken its’ time to explain each and every aspect.

The biggest surprise these episodes was Kurapika. It isn’t a spoiler but I have to say that there is a slight interaction between him and Phantom Troupe members which is absolutely mind blowing and we get to see some mind blowing action scenes which left me in awe.

This anime is another example of something that gets better with each episode and right now, I am thoroughly impressed and can’t wait to watch more. Overall amazing.


I would give these episodes of the anime 4/5 stars.

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