Black Clover (Ep. 51-75): Anime: “Gets better with every episode.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having an amazing week. So, let’s begin.


These episodes comprise of more missions and learning more about the Eye Of The Midnight Sun. Battles galore for the Clover Kingdom over territory and the magic crystals make for discovering new sides of Asta’s power. Towards the end, there begins an examination for the Royal Knights to create the elite group of Magic Knights.


Like the title suggests, this anime has risen to my top 3 because of how awesome each episode gets as it goes on. I’m pretty sure a lot of you have also seen how my views on this anime have changed as reviews have gone on.

The ending of the second 25 episodes showed me one of the best action scenes I had ever seen in an anime. This proved to be a highlight in all of my anime and it would definitely be a lot to top off. These episodes however were more focused on showing Asta’s improvement, some back stories, and new friends and enemies.

These episodes, although being super fun to watch and entertaining, were slightly worse compared to the first 50 episodes. So, let me come to the negatives. First off, the fight against the second Third Eye was very anti-climatic. Considering the first fight was was so amazing I expected a lot from the second fight. It really blew my expectations out of proportion to see Asta defeat them so easily with very minimal help from his friends.

Secondly, even though I appreciate it when anime takes its time to explain each and every part carefully i.e. without rushing, I find it very annoying the amount of times they play the back stories. Mars, Asta’s new friend, has a really sad back story related to the second member of the Third Eye (no spoilers) and this anime exploits the back story so much that I genuinely got annoyed when they showed the same back story for the 5th time or so.

Coming to the positives, this anime has such a lovable main character and such a great friendship as well. Yuno’s character doesn’t get the screen time he deserves but he really is an awesome character and is definitely a perfect match for Asta’s rival. The anime shows such strong characters and worthy fights by evolving Asta’s character that you can’t help but smile every episode. As a matter of fact, the fight against Lagos from the Diamond kingdom was up there with one of the best anime fights!

Like any anime, I love seeing exams or organised competitions in anime and so far, this anime has had 2 of such things. I am super excited to see the Royal Knight selection exam and can’t wait to see even more amazing fights and discover more of Asta’s character. The openings are still amongst the top of what I’ve heard. Overall amazing!


I would give these episodes of the anime 4/5 stars.

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