Healer: Korean Drama: “A good first one.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone has had an amazing week. So, let’s begin the review of my first ever KDrama!


Healer is a man for hire with the best abilities in his line of business. However, everything changes when he falls in love with someone during a mission. As his dark past slowly comes to reveal itself, the people around him begin to form different relations. Now, he must clear his father’s name as a suspected murderer so that he can live at peace.


After a lot of convincing, my friends finally got me to watch my very first Korean drama. I do have a ton of TV shows and anime backed up and now I will definitely have some KDrama backed up as well.

First thing is first, this show needs to be given time. There are a lot of things that were pushing me away from this initially. At the beginning, you observe that the acting is very average and the show itself feels very cringe. You also feel the story is weak and basic and can’t possibly offer enough entertainment. But, after about 4-5 episodes, I was thoroughly surprised. The show began introducing a ton of plot twists and the story created some great suspense which really kept me wanting to watch more.

I can surely say, this show gets better the more you watch. They don’t overdo the romance, humor, action or drama but the correct combination of the 4 makes the show fun to watch and gives you a different experience as well. The ending of the show was fantastic. Of course, I would never compare these shows to American TV series or anime but the style of these shows is very unique and this makes it very entertaining as well.

The biggest problem I had with this show was the music. There were about 3-4 songs in the whole show that were so over-played that I genuinely started to get annoyed every time it started playing again. They had a fixed song for every single romance scene, a fixed song for action, etc. which gets to you after some time.

I can really see myself watching more of these in the future but I can’t see myself getting addicted the way I see the fan base these days. Still, it is a worthwhile watch and I would recommend it to people. Overall impressed.


I would give this Korean drama 3/5 stars.

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