The K2: Korean Drama: First Impression: “Intense, vast, fun.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great week. This is my 201st post, so yay! So, let’s begin.

This is my second K-drama ever and it has become quite evident to me that these shows cover a TON of information in their one hour episodes. I genuinely had to sit aside for a few minutes after the show just to process what I had just watched even though the show isn’t very tough to understand.

The story so far shows us a small girl who has witnessed the death of her mother and is then taken to a cloister-kind-of area where she is ill treated (I assume) and tries her hardest to run away when she grows old enough. Like healer, Ji Chang Wook is an extremely talented agent (ex-agent in the case of this show) who just never seems to love CCTV cameras. And, of course, the runaway girl runs into Ji Chang Wook and begs for help but doesn’t get any. Quick skip into the future where we see everyone has grown up quite a bit and we get to witness more action and more drama. Basically, you see what I mean by they give a TON of information in one episode.

The acting is again above average but probably better than Healer. The weirdest part of this show for me is the music. They made it all spooky and mystery like to add a certain effect to the whole show but honestly, it is totally unnecessary and annoying but it’s not much of a complaint.

The story itself seems way more interesting than Healer did. I know I’ve seen only one episode, but I am assuming this story won’t have too much romance and will be more business which is a good break. The ending of episode one did actually leave quite a bit of suspense and makes you really wonder what is going on.

I hope to be surprised with upcoming episodes and do have certain expectations. So, I’m quite excited to see where the story leads.

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