Hajime No Ippo (Ep.1-25): Anime: “Straight to the matches.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great week. So, let’s begin!


Ippo was a normal high schooler with not so many friends. He was constantly the victim of bullying and would spend his time helping his mother out at the family fish shop. But this all changed when Ippo met the famous boxer, Takamura and was instantly drawn towards the sport. Over time, Ippo was able to prove his natural talent and refine his techniques through rigorous training while making some great friends and rivals along the way. Now, Ippo must give it his all to win the rookie tournament and further become a great boxer.


This anime blows my mind. From the very beginning I have always been amazed by how every single episode is so much fun to watch and how exciting it is to watch the matches. One critical thing I have noticed is the AMOUNT of boxing matches there are in just these initial episodes. Most sports anime don’t start their tournaments and intense matches until slightly later on into the anime but this one seems to have covered so much training and so many matches in the first 25 episodes itself.

Coming to Ippo. He is a great main character. He is a combination of all the good qualities in one main character which makes him so lovable. One thing I have noticed about Ippo’s matches is how every match becomes a learning point for him. He learns one or two new moves every single match with which he develops as a boxer and improves his skills in future matches. Seeing Ippo’s training and determination is what sports anime is really all about. It really motivated me i.e. the audience and genuinely puts a smile on my face.

The boxing matches are just so great to watch. And, I am not just talking about Ippo’s matches. The best part about this anime is that it really lets you sympathize with the opponent as well. For eg, until the 25th episode I totally hated Mashiba because of what he did to Miyata out of desperation. But, after seeing his condition at home with his sister really shows his desperation and turns your whole perspective around for the character. And this is not just the case for Mashiba. For every single opponent so far, they have given us a good chance to understand where they come from creating a more tense match where it doesn’t seem Ippo will ALWAYS win.

The best scene of the anime so far was when Miyata goes into some sot of zone and his eyes turn emerald green out of desperation. It made my jaw drop in awe. Seeing how enjoyable this anime was in the first 25 episodes really makes me excited for future episodes. The anime has the perfect mix of comedy, seriousness, romance, and action. A great opening and decent ending song. Can’t wait to see more. Overall really impressed.


I would give these episodes of the anime 4/5 stars.

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