Black Clover (Ep.76-100): Anime: “The inconsistent greatness.”

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The Royal Knights storm the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s secret hideout in order to put an end to their evil. However, everything goes wrong when Licht decides to attack the Magic Emperor instead. Now, while some of the Magic Knights are left to protect the kingdom, the rest of the royal knights are made to fight against the ‘new and improved’ Eye of the Midnight Sun who have awakened a new power after collecting all the magic stones.


This anime is really a roller coaster. And I’m not using the roller coaster as a metaphor for being fast and fun rather I’m using it as a metaphor for something which has a lot of ups and downs. Throughout this anime it has come to my attention how inconsistent this anime is. While there may be patches that really blow any anime watchers mind this is not short of the anime having plents of episodes which bore you out of your mind.

The anime still struggles with improving the power of many characters normally and simply double their power by using ‘friendship’. The whole episode where Gordon, Gauche, and Charmy have to fight a few members of the Eye of the Midnight sun was extremely boring and annoying. There were multiple times where I just wanted to stop the episode and wait for the next week’s episode. However, I thought they made up for it when they introduced the first member of the Black Bulls but that enjoyment was short lived when all he talked about was friendship too.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am totally for the power of friendship. But there is a limit for everything. While friendship in anime may be a real ‘power booster’, I do not see this as an excuse to over shadow an obviously more powerful character by a weaker character who simply becomes stronger due to friendship. It takes out the whole enjoyment in the fight scenes and fails to further improve the villain’s character as a whole.

Now, coming to the best part of the whole anime series. Starting from episode 95 onward the anime took a real turn for the best. I do not want to spoil anything but after the Eye of the Midnight Sun capture all of the Magic Stones, the anime suddenly turned to something that had me glued to the screen. With some of the most epic battles I have seen in anime it was definitely accompanied with an amazing plot twist which changed the story for the best. It blew my mind to see them use their poor quality animation for some amazing quality action scenes and that’s what this anime is really about. The fight between Julius and Licht was beyond amazing and had me at the edge of my feet the entire time. Yami is still the best Black Clover character and he does not fail to prove me right every single time. The scene where they surround the Golden Dawn’s vice captain during the Royal Knight’s exam is iconic! And the fight between Yuno and Rill was mind blowing!

So, this is what I mean by the anime has its’ ups and downs. While we may have the most boring episodes on one side, you may also have some of the best spectacles of anime on the other. The animation quality is quite poor in general but it just suits the fight scenes so, I would not change it. The opening and ending are absolutely bomb and so much fun to listen too. I can not wait to see what the next 25 episodes have in store! Overall really good.


I would give these episodes 3.5/5 stars.

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