The Grudge (2020): Movie: “ Jump scares galore.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone had a great week. We have our sports week next week and the talent show and interview for Mr./ Ms. University was done yesterday. Prelims just got over and just waiting for the results now. So, let’s begin.


A mystery house in Pennsylvania that is haunted. Whoever moves into the house or makes contact with the mysterious person in the house does not live to see the next day. Now, everyone is behind to catch the person behind all these mysterious deaths. But, is it possible?


Another movie watched as a result of absolute boredom. After having a good lunch with friends we had nothing to do and decided to go for a this movie just to pass time. Because of course everyone knows that a good horror movie at 2 o’clock in the afternoon with all your friends is the best way to spend your Sunday (sarcasm intended)!

The movie starts off with the main plot where they show us the haunted house. They further introduce the “creepy” creature who is responsible for all the deaths in the most gruesome manners. As a person who doesn’t typically enjoy horror movies, the plot for this movie felt more or less the same as any other horror movie where it’s always the house that is haunted and the family living inside that has to suffer.

As the movie progresses we witness a HUGE amount of jump scares. I guess I can see that trend in nearly every single horror movie where jump scares are the last resort tactic that’s directories have to resort to to install fear in the audience because basic things like sharp teeth, messy hair, pale white face, etc. just aren’t as scary as they used to be. So, while I totally understands the need for jump scares to create my suspense and tension in the audience (quite obvious when you observe the friends I was with) it was still in excessive amounts which gets quite annoying. As a matter of fact, I admit that there were couple of times when I nearly jumped out of my seat too which doesn’t usually happen. So, bravo to the grudge for giving some good jump scares.

The best part of the whole movie was the movie experience. This was my second movie in the Philippines and my first horror film here and so, it was my first time with a Filipino crowd for such a movie. The crowd was really vocal in their reactions and were victims of multiple jump scares so that really added to the overall experience and allowed me to enjoy the movie more than I would enjoy it regularly.

While the movie had a weak and repetitive plot line and some very average acting, it was still a fun experience overall because there are always times when you are in the mood for a good unexpected fright. This is a good movie to watch when you’re with your friends. Don’t waste your time if you’re going for a seriously good movie because then you will be really disappointed. Overall fun.


I would give this movie 2/5 stars.

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