Bleach: Anime: “An underrated action anime.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great week. My anime watching has reduces for some reason and so, I’ve resorted to re-reviewing again. Please bear with me. So, let’s begin.


Kurosaki Ichigo is not a regular high-school kid. He can see ghosts. One day, Kuchiki Rukia, a soul reaper, encounters Ichigo unknowing of his ability to see spiritual powers. After seeing Ichigo as being capable, she chooses him as her substitute shinigami. The story goes on with Ichigo protecting everyone around him against hollows and eventually fighting Aizen Sosuke.


I saw this anime about 2-3 years ago, so please understand if my memories of a few parts are kind of blurry.

Starting off I would like to tell everyone that out of a 366 episode anime, there are probably only 150-200 episodes of proper storyline while the rest are all fillers. So, don’t feel intimidated by the number of episodes. You can find a list of all the filler episodes (actually filler arcs) online and skip them because they really don’t contribute to the main story line. However, there are a few filler arcs that also have a fun story line, so, it’s up to you!

Coming to the actual anime, I do stand by my statement in the title that this anime is totally under rated. I’m sure a majority of you have heard and noticed that Bleach is totally not given the same status as anime like Naruto and One Piece which completely boggles my mind because the anime works so hard to give us a main character who is not only heroic in his actions but is also so strong that he creates hype whenever he arrives on the screen. Ichigo really has a great personality where even if he says that her is only working to protect his friends and family he ends up protecting every single person that he meets on the way. Also, we get to see such amazing character development throughout the show with Ichigo starting off as a young lost soul maturing into the super strong Shinigami that we know him as now. Another great thing is how this anime doesn’t just jump from one form of Ichigo to another and rather shows they gradual development of his power over time.

One of the best parts of this anime is the great supporting characters that it presents. Each character in Bleach gets their own time to shine by showing us what is the best that they can bring to the table while at the same time showing us what is going on in their life. May it be Chad or Orihime or even Byakuya, we get to see so much into their lives which gives the audience more characters to consider as their ‘favorite’ rather than just keeping the story solely based around Ichigo.

However, the anime is not just all flowers and sunshine. Of course there are some big negatives as well starting off with the number of fillers. This is really annoying because you would expect that such a long would have a more dense story line but in reality it’s just one main enemy. Even though we get to see some of the best fights that the anime industry has to offer, at the end of the day the anime is just revolved around one main enemy. This not only causes a linear story line but even the branches story lines are very short and don’t give enough time for the audience to enjoy more. Another major negative is how badly the anime ended. Unlike most people, I really enjoyed then fullbring arc but felt it wasn’t at all a justified ending. Not only did the anime end abruptly but also there was no further continuation of the story line which made it worse. I am not a manga reader (if you didn’t know that by now) so, I don’t even know what happens after the anime is over. Although, I am considering reading the rest of the manga eventually.

While the positives really outweigh the negatives let me add a few more plus points by talking about the quality action that this anime provides. Not only do we get to see Ichigo fight some amazing battles that truly left me (and I think everyone else) at awe but we also get to see super strong characters like Urahara, Byakuya, etc. flight against some super strong enemies as well which makes for some great action.

You can really see the development of the animation quality over the show as well. Trust me, there is a ton of differences between the animation quality from the beginning and the end. The opening and ending songs are mostly great listens and I have a lot of them in my playlist as well. I would highly recommend to see this anime because it really deserves some good recognition. I know that there is a really big fan base but I don’t feel the recognition is justifies for how good the anime is. I also know that in my negatives I mentioned how there’s no further continuation of the story in terms of anime and that’s not the creators fault but it’s still a negative in my opinion because it affected my overall feel for the anime after the series was over. Overall this anime is great and the negatives are too small in front of the overwhelming positives.


I would give this anime 4/5 stars.

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