Crazy Rich Asians: Movie: “Your everyday rom com gone Asian”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great week. I’m sorry for the irregular posting, I have mid term examinations going so I’ll get back on a regular schedule when they are over. So, let’s begin.


Rachel Chu and Nick Young are in a harmless loving relationship living in New York City. However, Rachel learns a little more about Nick’s family only after he is invited back to Singapore to attend his best friend’s wedding and he decided to take Rachel also great with him. Not only is thee Young family rich and powerful but they are also completely opposite to the Chu family. Rachel must now prove her worth to Nick’s family while maintaining her love as well.


I am going to be honest. I only watched this movie because there was actually a few questions in my class assignment regarding the cultural differences in this movie. And although this movie may be the most basic kind of rom-com movie you can get, I will have to say it is quite enjoyable to watch.

The movie shows us a lot of variety in terms of culture and emotion through its various characters who not only have different personalities but are also different in their approach to life. One one side we have Rachel Chu who is a hard working woman who had a rough childhood and has a rough family line as well. On the other side we have Nick Young who was a model kid with a perfect, large family that is extremely rich and powerful as well. Although Nick comes from such a prosperous line of people he still believes in making his own name and proving his own worth which is what really attracts the two towards each other (even though Rachel knew nothing about Nick’s family in the initial part of the film). Another side of the movie shows us the complete opposite kind of culture that is the Young family. The elegance, wealth, grace, etc. shown by them in the film show that they are totally traditional in the thinking and have the mindset of supporting a growing business. This gives the audience a chance to view the story from various angles and perspectives which makes it more enjoyable as whole.

Coming to the emotional part of the film. There are a few times throughout the movie where I had tears in my eyes for various reasons (mind you I’m emotional when it comes to movies, anime, and tv shows). There were times when I was emotional because I sympathised for Rachel as she was going through a lot to prove her love and worth for Nick. But there were also times where the tears were simply out of the sheer beauty of love portrayed in the film at the end of the film and seeing everyone accept the love so whole heartedly made me feel happy and fulfilled.

The movie also has plenty of drama and comedy throughout the film which is not unnecessary but rather adds to the movie. The comedy may have been subtle but that’s all the movie needed to add that slight element of joy among the characters which lights up the audience’s mood as well. In terms of drama, the movie had multiple small stories going on the sideline as well which ended up relating to the main story so it didn’t seem like an excess amount of boring drama but was instead fruitful and interesting stuff to watch.

This movie is quite famous as I’ve seen after reading many reviews. And yes, I agree it is good to see a rom-com made in this style. However this does not change the fact that movie felt too simple, plain, and main stream and there was nothing that really made it ‘stand out’ in terms of a rom- com film. The music was very light and soothing and the acting was good by each person. I would recommend this movie as a one time watch. Overall good.


I would give this movie 3.5/5 stars.

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