Parasite: Movie: “Korean Quentin Tarantino movie”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I am at peak boredom because of this virus quarantine that‘s forcing us to be stuck in our room. What’re you guys doing to cure your boredom? So, let’s begin.


A family run over by poverty and struggling to get by finds their opportunity to earn cash by working as staff for a much richer family. However their greed gets the better of them as they battle against discrimination of being a lower class as well.


Starting off, I have to commend this movie for all the awards it has won. Throughout the review you’ll see why I support all its’ success and why it deserves all the rewards through its amazing plot, acting, directing, and message.

Let’s talk about the title I have given this movie: a Korean Quentin Tarantino movie. This is no different than that. I am no one to give spoilers but when you see this movie you will understand how the flow of the movie and the plot twist at the end goes in exact accordance with how any Quentin Tarantino film progresses as well. And I guess that’s where the movie made the best move. The plot development till the very end was so perfectly executed by such an amazing cast that it really got the audience engrossed before all hell broke loose. From the very beginning of the film the audience is allowed to sympathise with the family suffering from poverty by showing scenes of no WiFi, people peeing outside their house, using the public pest control for their own house, and a lot more. You can also see that they’ve really kept the Korean tradition intact throughout the film by showing everyone having high family values as well as showing how the poorer classes in a Korean society are very badly discriminate based on where they live and how they smell. There are a lot of small minute details that really add to the value of the film overall and I really did catch on to them and was astounded how much attention to detail was paid. From the interaction of each member of the family to the father’s ideals as a person who cares for his fellow poor people to the greediness of the daughter (sorry I don’t remember all the names) and a lot more.

Another great thing that this movie was able to do was show us some amazingly well planned and executed actions used by the family to remove the previous staff members in the house. It had me and my friends at the edge of our seats and seriously screaming at the beauty of how well the movie was directed. I can not express how great the acting was by each and every person because that’s what really separates an ordinary movie from an extraordinary movie. The support of characters like son of the Park’s family, the housekeeper, her husband, the driver, etc. all added to the suspense of the film. Without them of course the movie would be totally incomplete and so you have to give them credit for adding to such an amazing movie.

I wanted to dedicate a separate paragraph to the ending of this film. This is what really made me see this as a Quentin Tarantino film. The plot twist at the end is so mind blowing and so gory that I have to actually warn my readers to be careful watching this if you have a weak stomach. Another great thing about this movie is that you get to interpret the end of the film however you please to. The ending is so vague and so well planned out by the writers and so well executed by the actors that you are left in wonder as to what you believed happened. In my interpretation, the family suffered a lot because of their greed and discrimination and so they decided to turn over a new leaf and work hard for themselves rather than be a parasite on someone else. The son, driven by his love and respect for his father (Korean family ideals), decided to work his way up in the social status chain to save his father. However, this is also an extremely far fetched dream because at present they are still at the bottom of the social status chain and they can only dream about doing so before the father dies because of hunger. However, I’m sure a lot of other people have a lot of other interpretations as well. And that’s what really appeals to me in a movie, something that is thought provoking even after the film has been complete.

This movie is a definite watch for any movie lover. There is only one really dirty scene in the whole movie but again, beware of the gore. A great watch with a great plot line and great acting as well. Overall amazing.


I would give this movie 4.5/5 stars.

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