FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Ep. 1-30)| Anime| “An unforgiving plot.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a safe, healthy, and great week. I’m literally sitting in my dorm getting super bored. However, my 4 year anniversary with the blog is coming up! I am super excited and proud of that! So, let’s begin.


The Elric brothers have commited a tabboo in Alchemy causing them Edward to lose his arm and leg and Alphonso to lose his entirw body. Now, they are on a mission to find out how to get back what they have lost. But, such a task will not be easy to accomplish as they discover more secrets about the Ishbal war and about the Philosipher’s stone.


This anime is great. There are very few negatives that I can point out in what I’ve seen so far but there are a ton of positives which has really gotten me engaged into the whole series and I can really see why the anime has such a great fan base and why this anime gets so much respect in the anime community.

Starting off I want to talk about the plot of the anime. It’s a great concept to make, what would usually be an adult’s role, kids act so mature and perform tasks that even people more skilled and poweful struggle to do. The plot is a great mix of drama, mystery and action bnecause they never fully explain the concept of “alchemy” in one go rather they uncover it slowly but in a very descriptive manner over time as it is seen necessary. It is also very fun to see when past events have badly affected present affairs and to decipher the relation between the two always makes the plot much more thick and more interesting as a whole. You can see gradual plot development through the anime so far as Scar has been a “villian” for quite a few episodes now and while he still remains so they are still uncovering more stories that go parallel to the main story of discovering the philosipher’s stones and the Ishbal war.

Now coming to the supporting characters. Even though the whole story is centered around the Elric brothers, there are a lot of times you totally forget about them and see a different story from a different perspective. That does not mean that there are two completely different stories going on. But, the anime has a sort of charm in being able to relate all the stories back to the Elric brothers in some way or another. We get to see stuff like Roy Mustang’s back story, Winry’s back story, the whole Ishbal war, etc. which are all stories in its own but all relate back to the Elric brothers. This is what allows the audience to decide who their favourite characters are beside the main characters and I feel that to be a really important factor because it is stuff like this which gives you a really engaged audience.

Coming to the atmosphere of the anime. For the most part the anime is extremely dark. Unlike a lot of other anime, this anime has a lot of focus on the dialogues so you’ll find long stretches of time where there is no background music and barely any visuals and rather there is a very thought-provoking conversation going on between a few people. This is what I feel really makes this anime different. The story is so to the point yet so vague. The creators have done a great job in playing with the emotions of the audience by keeping the same atmosphere for almost the entire anime but at the same time giving us moments that make us cry, feel disgust, feel happiness, amazement, etc. Of course there is good background music during tense moments and action scenes which always gives people a good rush.

My most favourite moment in the anime so far has to be the scene where Edward finds Alphonso’s body and he fights back just to say that he will return to get him back. I just found the scene to be so fulfilling emotionally and seeing Edward so determined you just forget that he’s a child again. The opening songs are awesome listens and the ending is pretty good as well. This is definitely a must watch anime for anyone. As for my title, I called the plot unforgiving because I’ve realised the creators are merciless and kill anyone in the blink of an eye unlike in most other anime. This is what really adds the sense of suspense and is what makes the story so much more unpredictable which is absolutely fantastic. Overall amazing!


I would give these episodes of the anime 4/5 stars.

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