FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: (Ep. 31-64): “The perfect end.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I’m finally back from the Philippines. So, let’s begin.


In these episodes of FMAB, as more secrets uncover, the date of the promised day comes closer. As preparations are made to increase everyone’s strength, the Elric brothers are forced to confront their past demons in order to achieve their goal. The homunculus are also prepared for an all out war to achieve complete control.


After the first 30 episodes of this anime I was already beyond impressed. But, as the story developed and came to an end with these episodes it is nothing but sad that it had to be completed. I regret the anime being only 64 episodes and that’s when you really know you’ve seen a great show. These episodes had some of the best action scenes, best main plot development, character development, and ending that I’ve seen in any anime.

Firstly, coming to the plot of these episodes, seeing all the secrets of the government uncover was a great plot twist in the anime. These episodes had some great planning and great execution as well. The action scenes were so much more meaningful then just senseless fights and it really added to the plot as well. As we learn more about the Homunculus and discover secrets about the Elric brothers parents as well you can’t help but get more and more engrossed. The past story of the Elric family is also shown which allows you to sympathise with them more and allow the audience to really relate with the characters. You can really see how the anime never started away from the main plot of the anime even once for the entire duration. From the very first episode there was a line are story line being followed and this gave the ability for the audience to think deeper into the main plot rather than wondering about side plots.

Another great part of these episodes was the character development. Seeing the Elric brothers grow in maturity was so well displayed. The way the creators showed how each character prepared for the promised day was the best thing they could have done because that shows the efforts put in by our favourite characters to fight for what the love. The promised day was just something else as well. Multiple fights going on at the same time and each with a new and improved version of the characters, The action scenes are highly commendable because not only is it some great animation and skill but it was also very well thought of and very well planned out by the creators.

Finally, I give a lot of appreciation to the concept of alchemy explained in the anime. I wrote it in my previous review as well, the way they developed the concept of alchemy shows the efforts of the creators to create a well explained concept. This shows the dedication of the creators to want to create a good quality anime. As a matter of fact, they described it so well that you can even consider the concept of alchemy on the same level as Nen in Hunter x Hunter and chakra in Naruto. The ending of the anime was by far the most satisfying ending I have seen in an anime. When everything goes back to normal and we get to see the beginning of Winry’s and Eric’s romance it was just so perfect. You know an anime/show is good when you regret that it has finished.

The animation of this anime is absolutely great and the opening and ending songs were also some great listens. This is a definite recommendation from me. I could not find any faults with this anime and I really appreciate how well made this anime is. Overall awesome.


I would give these episodes of the anime 5/5 stars.

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