Haikyuu (Season 4): To the top: “Hyped up joy.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


This season of haikyuu takes our favourite duo to separate training camps… but not exactly. While Kageyama is called to the All Japan Youth camp and Tsukishima is called to the rookie training camp, Hinata sneaks into the camp with Tsukishima only to become the ball boy. Now, they are ready to participate in the National tournament and must present their new learnt skills.


This season of Haikyuu was very different in the sense that we got to see much fewer games and rather more preparation for the nationals and that’s what really makes this season special. We not only get to watch Kageyama develop as a character and as a player but we also get to witness the growth of Hinata from someone who is not just all about spikes. The anime took a very really realistic terms in showing us that Karasuno’s skills were only above average till now and they really needed to train to reach the level of other teams that play in the nationals. They further do this by showing us some other great quality players from other teams who attend the All Japan Youth camp along with Kageyama.

Now, I want to talk about the training camps for both people. I purposely let this anime play out for a few weeks before I really got back to it so that I could enjoy seeing both, Kageyama and Hinata’s, development at one stretch. At the same time, I saw the last 3-4 episodes of the anime by the week which allowed me to really capture the suspense that the creators wanted to create. The training camp for Kageyama was amazing. Even when they were not on the screen I was always wondering what was going on in their practice. You could really see Kageyama was worthy of being amongst the other great players but at the same time you could also see how amazingly talented the other players were. The anime successfully showed each and every character’s talent and purposely hid their full potential to create more excitement for future games. Further, at Hinata’s training camp, even though for the whole duration of the camp he was a ball boy you understand his love for the game. The amount of dedication and scope for learning he showed was something to behold and with each passing moment you just knew that he was going to learn something great out of this. The creators made use of his speed and reflexes very well to show his training and development and for the first time ever you can actually see Hinata thinking before actually moving and that’s what really had me smiling at my screen like a fat man with a piece of cake.

Coming to the matches that were there this season. The first match, although seeming to be quite easy, was a very good portrayal of the teams efforts at training. You can make out very easily the amount of hard work put into each play, receive, block, and spike and that’s what sets Haikyuu aside from the other sports anime. The first match showed to us how each and every character is now “national level” worthy and how the team has evolved from the previous “above average” Karasuno. With each passing point you can make out how the players are getting adapt to the environment but nothing outshines the beautiful team work of Kageyama and Hinata who, like always, leave you at awe. The second round match, although not complete, started off with a complete banger. The whole scene where Atsumu raises his hand to silence the crowd and gets angry when his focus falters for even a second was mind blowing to me. And the scene that really had it all was when Hinata jumped like an absolute monster. Not only was this mind blowing but the scene following where he forgets to hit the ball had be holding my stomach laughing.

Finally, coming to the animation. You can really see the creators had fun messing around with some new animation and that had me really smiling. While introducing each player I was like “wow, this is new” and it really got me more excited because it felt like the team had really reached somewhere high that they are getting such a special introduction. The opening and ending songs are really awesome. I can not wait for the next season. This season may have ended all of a sudden but it was the best way to create suspense for the next season. Overall amazing.


I would give this anime 4.5/5 stars.

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